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It started unintentionally, as Mummy would insist.  She used to think it was bonkers to have a dog portrait. Now she’s five times bonkers!!!

We first received this lovely digital portrait done by Kenton Robinson from Express Pet Portraits as a gift.  He took a photo of mine and painted it digitally.  And this painting is featured on his website! – Express Pet Portraits – and one of the two that were recently 1-63We had met Sara Abbott when she was painting dog portraits at Harrods.  Mummy loved how Sara captures the personality of the subject.  So after a year of considering, she finally commissioned to have mine done.  When Mummy saw the finished portrait she was gobsmacked at how soulful and beautiful it is.  And to top it off, part of the commission went to a charity – in our case, it went to Nowzad Dogs.
photo 3-40 In the meantime, Mummy learnt about The Enlightened Hound who has beautiful dog tag prints of different breeds but none of a cockapoo. So she got in touch with Debbie Kendall, the artist behind all those beautiful prints and pleaded with her to do one of cockapoos! But as you all know we are not a recognised breed as we’re crosses – so there’s no Kennel Club “definition” of us.

Well, Mummy thought – who else can describe us better than cockapoo owners. So she set about to ask as many poo-crazed owners as possible what would be our characteristics.  She ended up with a lot of descriptors and attributes – so voila! Debbie created this lovely dog tag print!  And we had ours signed for us!photo 4-28And then there was Sally Muir who was on a year long project called “A Dog A Day” – where she sketched, painted, created forms of a dog each day for a year. We learnt about the project when we came across her exhibition at Anthropologie on King’s Road, London. They had a special weekend session where she did charcoal sketches of dogs – on the spot. But we were away and did not get a chance to meet Sally.

Determined to be a part of Sally Muir’s dogs, Mummy contacted her. Sally then told us they were doing the same offer at the Anthropologie opening in Bath. And off we went to have me sketched!  And this is one of the two pieces that recently got 2-50The most unexpected of all is this free-hand machine sewn piece made by Stacey Chapman of Art Sea Craft Sea – one exquisite piece of handcraft! We met her at a doggy event in Shoreditch, London. Mummy was so impressed by what she saw – she couldn’t believe how real the machine-sewn portraits looked.  This was also an opportunity for Mummy to have her favourite (iPhone) photo of me translated into a piece of art.
photo 1-62I think this is only the beginning of our collection 🙂  And we have a couple of photographs as well – those are yet to be framed! We need a wall to put them all up and space for the collection to grow.  Maybe it’s time to move?

May’s comment: Here are the list of artists who have given us such beautiful renderings of Darcy in various forms of expression –

Express Pets Portraits –!about-the-artist/chvb

Sara Abbott–

The Enlightened Hound–

Sally Muir – A Dog A Day–

Art Sea Craft Sea–

More to come!  And yes, I used to think it was bonkers to have a dog portrait hanging in one’s home. Now I have a gallery and need a wall! 🙂


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