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A Dog Census – Calling all Dogs on Park Walk

I decree that a dog census should be taken throughout the streets of Park Walk.

After a quick count, I am relieved to say that there are a more dogs in the neighbourhood than felines.

These are the ones I know that are on Park Walk or just around the corner.  But you never know – those cats are always hiding, sneaking around somewhere. We’re more obvious.IMG_1226IMG_1228Sandy and Molly – two barky Westies. They’re my seniors so I submit to them.

IMG_1367Maddy – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we meet at Waggin’ Tails sometimes

IMG_1512Buddy was born in January this year. He’s a cocker spaniel but he’s already my size!

IMG_1434This is Scout – another puppy at Elm Park Mansions. He’s a cross between a Cocker and a Springer.

IMG_1873And here’s McDougal – appropriately named for a Scottish terrier!

IMG_1517And finally, Sinna, a weimaraner, the old sire of 12 years

But there are others who also live along Park Walk or just around the corner – we see them often and sometimes we go for walks together.

IMG_1437Pippa – a cocker spaniel named after the famous sister because she was born on the day of the Royal Wedding. We go on walks together but soon Pippa will be leaving to go to the U.S. 🙁

IMG_1470Cooper – a springer spaniel who came from Battersea.  He’s very lively and bounces a lot.

IMG_1573??? (I forgot her name) and Buddy – two cocker spaniels who live just down the road

IMG_1769Jumbles is a little Yorkie. She’s nervous every time she sees me but she gives Mummy kisses.  She’s tiny!

IMG_1850And even tinier is BIG a little chihuahua – LOL!!!! And very yappy.

And I just heard that Sammy who had been to our Cockapoo Walks will be moving back to Elm Park Mansions! Hooray! We will be two.  It sure seems like a lot of spaniels live along Park Walk.  I guess Sammy and I are part of that genre too.  And a sprinkle of Westies and terriers.

More dogs than cats – oh yes!  Watch out meow-meows.  And we come in ALL sizes.


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