Newton is back from his little adventure

We had the best news of the day. Newton has been reunited with his family!

Newton, the 5 month old Coton du Tulear, was frightened by a large dog and ran out of Holland Park on the 27th May.

We started seeing posters of him along Earls Court Road, and we shared their message on social media.Every day Mummy went to work, she was reminded of him.

So it was with great relief and happiness to know that Newton is back where he belongs. Welcome home, Newton. You sure did run far. You must have been so frightened by that very large dog. I’m scared of very large dogs too but I bark at them instead, and then cry when they come towards me.  Someday when we meet up, maybe you can tell us where you’ve been and what you were up to!!! But don’t give George any ideas!!!
Never give up!

To all of you who still have missing dogs, lost dogs, stolen dogs – miracles can still happen. And there are kind hoomans out there who are angels in disguise.

May’s comment: It was one of those days when I thought how much more can I pack into the waking hours. I came home unnerved about the things I still have to do, when ping! I don’t usually notice messages on Instagram but this one was from “BringNewtonHome”. I hurriedly clicked it open, wondering if they needed more help.  Instead I read these wonderful words – “… we were reunited with Newton today!

The sudden surge of joy erupted in tears. Then came the photos … the relief, the love, the hugs. Oh, thank god! Thank god he is safe and thank god someone got him. And thank god for the persistence of the family that never gave up. More than two weeks passed and they continued to put up posters where he was seen running. They received a couple of important leads – he ran down Earl’s Court Road, turned right into Pembroke and then Warwick. Because of that information, they extended their poster outreach to cover the additional neighbourhoods.  By doing so, the message eventually reached the person who found him.

Newton’s adventures are still unknown but the gentleman who spotted him at first thought he was a cat! 🙂  And that lovely man wanted no reward. “Our faith is restored.” Amen!!!!

Thinking of you Izzy! Thinking of you Harlow. We have not forgotten. We’re hoping for that human angel who will one day bring you home. xxx



  1. SamanthaR and Lola

    What brilliant news, so happy to know he is home and back where he belongs. I keep hoping that one day we will see the same message about Izzy and all of the other missing pooches; heartbreaking to even think about. But tonight – there is one to be happy and relieved about 🙂 xxx

  2. Jane Hamon

    I am near tears myself….what wonderful news!! Just this Sunday my heart was breaking for Newton’s family when I saw the new posters on Earl’s Court Road. So glad Newton is back where he belongs!

  3. Jan

    Wonderful news.
    It’s a situation we all dread. Thank goodness he is home again. Wishing all of the missing could be found and returned to their families. Xx❤❤🐶🐶

  4. Lolie

    So thrilled to read Newton is home
    So many do not make it home or we do not hear if they do. So thank you for sharing with such a lovely article

  5. Kim

    Oh .. I’ve cried too… fabulous news .. can’t say much more if honest. Just lovely. ❤❤❤❤

  6. Cheryl

    How incredibly wonderful! Prayers answered!

  7. Wonderful news Thank God xx
    Prayers for all those precious pups still missing 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Angelique Korkodilos

    Am so happy Newton has s back! A lady came up to me on Saturday at M&S asking me if my little maltese was Newton and happy he had been found. As i had read your blog I told her he had been found, so people were really taking note of the notices!

    • Miss Darcy

      That’s amazing! And were you in M&S with your Maltese? They don’t allow dogs I thought.

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