Nice, nice … says Mini Tyke

Little Tyke’s sister, Mini Tyke is almost three. When she saw us the first day, she was really frightened of us.

Mummy made sure that I would not jump up at her to scare her even more.IMG_5377 To distract Mini Tyke of her fear, we showed her tricks we could doIMG_5375 And soon she became more intrigued than afraid.  She wanted to touch usIMG_5379But her “strokes” were more like hitting and Mummy knew that did not bode well with me, so she held me and asked Mini Tyke to be “nice, nice”IMG_5380But George, he’s ok with any hooman and soon Mini Tyke was holding himIMG_5371And eventually I let her hold me for a photoIMG_5373Though not feeling very certain about this whole affair.

But Little Tyke, he’s a pro now.  Once upon a time, he too used to “hit” me when he was supposed to be stroking me. And I would tell him off in no uncertain terms. Or he would try and sit on me and that was a major no-no!  But today, he knows how to walk George IMG_5387but not me – I am too strong for him.

He knows how to tickle George’s tummyIMG_5403And he shows Mini Tyke how to get us to do tricks.

But by day’s end, Mini Tyke was no longer afraid of us. IMG_5376Well done, Mini Tyke. But still no hitting!

May’s comment: When I took Sasha (aka Little Tyke) with me to The Pet Spa the other day, he was too eager to run in to get Darcy after her wash. But they stopped him and explained that some dogs don’t like children.  It reminded me of the earlier days when Darcy had no patience with children.

In the case of Darcy, it’s not that she doesn’t like children – it’s just that when she was little she was frightened by them and it became more of preempting them before they frighten her.  It was because she was so cute, that when walking down our street where there are two nursery schools, the children would run towards her to pet her on the head.  Or they would be flapping their arms or screaming in excitement. All these actions frightened Darcy.  I don’t blame her as they frightened me too. At that time, I did not know better on how to handle those situations.

We worked hard to get rid of that habit. Though now she doesn’t jump at children but if they should shout and scream, jump around, doing crazy things in front of her, she would jump at them.  But I know her behaviour is not a vicious one because when she sleeps in the same bed with Sasha and he’s flailing his arms and legs over her, she doesn’t move an inch because she knows he did not mean to hurt her.

Skye a.k.a. Mini Tyke is still at an age when she doesn’t understand how to be gentle with dogs. So I had to be cautious when she’s with Darcy.

George on the other hand can be mishandled in any way and he doesn’t mind. So it is true – some dogs don’t like children. Others don’t mind it at all.


  1. Jocelyn

    Darcy looks a little anxious X

  2. Margaret Danks

    MissD has a look of sufferance on her face lol.

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