No fun day this Sunday

There are days when nothing happens.

We had extra long cuddles in the morning – waiting for Mum to rouse.

First George, then me …

Finally the magic word – “Breakfast?”

We’re waiting!

It took another while before Mum said we’re going out.

It’s cold outside but the sun’s out.

Perfect day for a brisk walk in the park and it would be so lovely to run and chase squirrels.

But we plodded along on the pavement around the neighbourhood
Flowers in bloom already? Everyone’s confused by the weather.

We soon returned home. And for the rest of the day …

We stayed mainly in bed.
Keeping an eye on Mum’s every movement.
Until the church bells rang …
For some reason, the sound of church bells really bothers me.
Back to lying around – George keeping Mum’s feet warm.

Till the next bathroom walk!

May’s comment: Today was one of those days when you’re not sure if you’re aching because you have bad posture from sitting at the computer. Or because maybe the flu bug has just crept into your system. The throat hurts from coughing. The eyes feel heavy and continuously want to close.

The bed remained unmade because I know I will be getting back in there several times during the day.

“Shouldn’t have gone out yesterday” is a waste of time regretting. I probably passed on my bug to a few others along the way just as I am sure I got some from the people I encountered.

The sun is out and though a brisk -1 degree centigrade outside, it would be such a lovely walk in Hyde Park – meeting other dog walkers and having a chat.

But alas, I feel the cold and the nose is just starting to run. I just want to lie down.

But lying down too much gives you a funny, heady feeling. But when I get up, I feel like going back to bed.

Managed to make a large pot of soup yesterday – good for the throat and a cold.

The dogs are lying in bed with me – not complaining but bored, I’m sure. We’ll stay this way till the next time we need to go outside again. No dog walker over the weekend.

Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of living in a flat in a big city – with no back garden. That’s on the wish list.

But they still need to be fed and walked. Life doesn’t stop when you have dogs or children.

There’s always Deliveroo and Ocado. Will survive. On these days you think about Tinder – may not be such a bad idea, if just to have someone walk the dogs. But not happening any time quickly.

Just want to be back on my feet and doing things.


  1. Anne McCormack

    Keep warm and get well soon, May. Its -4.5 degC here. Ben has just gone for his walk with dad but its started to rain. Must be warming up. He will return soon and jump all over me with wet paws. Then he will snuggles down for the rest of the day.Also

  2. Cheryl

    Hope you feel better soon! Eat that soup and take your vitamins!

  3. Alison Mullett

    Hope you feel better soon May.

  4. Deborah

    I came home from the UK feeling like that. If it’s what I had, expect a cough to linger for weeks! Hope u feel better soon. Dogs are very good nurses! Kisses to Darcy and George. Loved the bells!

    • Miss Darcy

      There seems to be various strains – I seem to have a combination of things – cough is lessening and now a runny nose. This is backwards how it always happens to me.

  5. Jill

    Get well soon lovely , you’re a beautiful strong person who inspires me on a daily basis . Love and get well hugs Xxxx Jill and Bobby .xxxx

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Jill, what lovely words to read. Thank you. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment.

  6. Laura Cordovano

    It’s so not like you to keave the soup out! Now I know you are sick. 🤧😷🤒. My Jasper runs around in circles just like George when he is excited. So funny! Im surprised George does not bark. Fell better ❤️🌹

  7. Liz Burman

    Sorry you’re not well May. Lots of hot lemon and honey always works for me. You could add a slurp of brandy as well. Even if it doesn’t cure you, enough slurps and you won’t care anymore!😄 I love Georgies happy dance, it’s a wonder he doesn’t get dizzy. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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