Amazing November Meet!

We were 28! Almost a record but not quite. And so many new faces and so many different types of doodles!

We celebrated Theo’s 2nd birthday!We all couldn’t wait to get a piece of that CAKE!Cake! Cake! Cake!Let’s all eat cake!More! More! More!And then there were treats!

It’s unbelievable,” said Crumpet – “this is worth waking up for!!!! So happy to see Winston – second from the rightand looks like he has a double with longer legs. Teddy is also a Bichonpoo – except Teddy’s got the longer poodle legs and Winston has the dancer’s legs of a Bichon Frise!

Teddy has a brother, Willow who is a Yorkiepoo.Of course there was Teddy the cavapoo.

And not forgetting Krolle, who is a Shihtzu-poo from Norway!That’s why he was wearing a Fair Isle jumper!

Crumpet, our labradoodle friendmet 8 month old Floyd!And four poodles! Junker George, Indie, Napoloen and Wigg. Do you think the poodles were coming to check us out – what we’ve made of their breed?!?!?! LOL!

It was all in all a fun, sunny day!
And as it was Thanksgiving last Thursday, we took the time to sell raffle tickets so we could give something back to those who are not as fortunate as us.  We sold raffle tickets and collected to date £385!  The money goes towards supporting the efforts of DOTS London (Dogs on the Streets).  We’re still selling raffle tickets to win some amazing prizes!

So that was our last Hyde Park meet for the year.  In December, instead of meeting in the park, we will be going to the movies to watch Paddington 2.  Picture House Central is having a  doggy showing on the 10th December at 11:45. See below for details and how to get tickets! We look forward to seeing many of you there.

May’s comment: What an amazing turnout!  So many new faces so this will be a challenge to remember everyone. Apologies if I got the names wrong – and correct me, please!L-R: Teddy (a Bichonpoo, who is having a snoop), Ted, Willow (Yorkiepoo), Lloyd (Labradoodle), Spencer, Clementine, Darcy, Lucca, Jasper, Mac, Maisy, Teddy (cavapoo), Lokie (?), Lottie (?), Ella (?), Krolle (shihtzupoo), Crumpet, George, Indy (toy poodle), Napoleon (toy poodle), Habiti (French bull dog!!!!!), Wigg (poodle), Violet, Junker George (poodle), Frobisher (spoodle), Winston (bichopoo), Theo (cavachon)

Missing: Cookie – who was late but when she arrived, she was having a ball running like a mad dog!

In December we won’t be meeting in the usual way.  Partly because the last Sunday of the month will be New Year’s Eve and most hoomans will be busy or away so we thought we’ll do something else instead – like going to the movies to see Paddington 2 earlier in the month.

On the 10th December (Sunday), Picture House Central near Leicester Square has a doggy event at 11.45am – showing Paddington 2. It does have good reviews and most of all, we can enjoy the film with our own “bears” on our lap or sitting next to us!  Blankets are provided for them to sit. 
It’s hilarious (both the movie and the audience) and no one minds if your dog barks – because they’ll be people who love dogs – very forgiving!

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  1. Kathy Shoulders

    I think it is fantastic that you all have a doodle meet up. We need something like that here. I may have to see if I can start something thing in the New Year like that.

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