Now can we go to sleep?

The Olympics is finally over! And we can all have quiet nights once more.

Over the last two weeks Mummy was up and about till very early in the morning …IMG_4256Tummy rubs in the middle of the night wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for.IMG_4575These late nights eventually translated into late breakfasts as we sat waiting for Mummy to get out of bed – every morning for two weeks!  IMG_4323Now that we have watched the Closing Ceremony, IMG_4661let’s get back to some normality.

May’s comment: The Olympics proved to be addictive.  I remember thinking as the Games began – really? Again? And BBC will be broadcasting it everyday? Almost all day? But I soon found myself turning on the telly from the moment the broadcast began every day.  Even though I wasn’t sitting in front of the screen, it was in the background.  I stayed up till 2 or 3 in the morning to watch the swimming – to see Great Britain win a gold medal, to watch Michael Phelps make history and when that was over, there was Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.  Whenever the commentators got overly excited it meant there was a medal for Team GB. And that’s when I run to the telly.

And then I found myself keeping up with the Gold Medal table … Team GB is actually above China?!?!?!  And we have better ourselves since London 2012!  That itself is an achievement!

IMG_4660So glad I had contributed to Team GB’s medal haul – all those lottery tickets I bought did turn GOLD!!! Wish good results could come a little my way too. LOL!


  1. Alicia

    I have to say I am glad they are over too Miss D. Across the pond here in the USA, the coverage was horrible. As were the announcers. I tried to watch BBC hoping for better coverage, but Kitchen Nightmares USA was on! I was quite disappointed.

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