Oh no! A bad coincidence!

When Downtown Abbey started season five, we wondered how long it will be before Julian Fellowes and script writers realise that Isis is actually getting on quite a bit in years – way past the upper end of a Labrador life expectancy.  She started as an adult in Season Two, set in 1916-1918 and Season Five is set in 1924. She should be at least 10 years old by now.

3-Downton-ITVSo on this weeks’ episode (sorry non-UK viewers for this spoiler alert!) Isis, the dog becomes a subject of concern.  Mummy, George and I couldn’t believe that she should have any mention – as this does not bode well. As we have learnt – any small mention on Downton Abbey becomes something of significance – so we’re concerned what will happen to her.

We hope she’s pregnant and have puppies. Otherwise, may she have a merciful end – and not a repeat of the demise of Sybil – death at childbirth?  Or some version of doggy Spanish Flu – as she seems listless.  I don’t think she will be in a car crash that killed off Matthew Crawley.

Our suspicion is it has something to do with her name – a bad coincidence with all that’s going on in the world.  🙁

May’s comment: It seems Julian Fellowes and his script-writers have not actually caught on to the chronological age of Isis but rather the negative commentaries of the unfortunate name could be the cause of her demise – in the case of current events.

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