Come closer and love me tonight!

OKAY!!!! I don’t mind Georgie. He annoys me sometimes. I am not the snuggle-up type but when we’re on the bed at night, well things happen …

And Mummy caught me off-guard …
IMG_8038As I moved from my prime position on the bed and stretched out …IMG_8041next to George. And then I turned on my sideIMG_8043 And our backs were touchingIMG_8046Sleeping back-to-back.

May’s comments: Awww, love it when they are like that!IMG_8048Maybe some day Darcy might decide she’s not too cool for snuggles with George. Would so love to see that happen.


  1. margaret danks

    How sweet, she loves him really

  2. Miami Malteses

    That’s how we sleep together mos times! Darcy and George look so precious and sweet!

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