The feral switch was flipped

We had arrived in Ashurst for Little Tyke’s birthday.  All was fine and dandy …

IMG_3981We said hello to ZebedeeIMG_3980Mini Tyke loves ZebIMG_3971We ran around the large gardenIMG_4043

Then George started to watch what Zebedee was doing …IMG_3977 We continued to run around the large garden – there were lots of interesting things to look atIMG_4016But beyond the pond IMG_4029There were acres of woods …
IMG_4038All seemed fine when Mummy suddenly realised there was no George. So we went looking for him.
IMG_4044Georgie! George! We yelled.

Clever Mummy still did not trust him completely so she had put a bell (and a LED light) on him. Thankfully, we heard the tinkling and headed in the direction of the sound.
IMG_4037But he would then stop and stare into the bushes hoping to find some prey and we wouldn’t know where he was amongst the bushes.  He was inconveniently deep in the undergrowth 
IMG_4030 (1)And then we heard him again and realised that he had actually gone through the fence.  We saw him further along. When he heard Mummy calling him, he stopped to look at us.  Then scampered off.

Finally Pernilla decided it was time to go after him. He wasn’t exactly coming back to her so she had to go after him.  In fact she had to rugby tackle him before he was finally caught.  Mummy did not let him off his lead again.

In the evening after Pernilla had closed off the gates and blocked off any possible escape routes, we let him in the garden in the night – this time within LED light blinking and the bells tinkling. Once again he scampered off in excitement – chasing something, smelling, following his sniffer. I stood and watched him and then Mummy told me to go indoors while she went to tackle him again.

I guess there’s a side to George that is still a bit wild!

May’s comment: Oh my goodness, gracious me! Just when I thought George had become “domesticated” his feral side comes out.

He has been doing really well with recall. He was playing with Darcy, running around happily. After awhile he disappeared.  I feared what he was about to do. Thank goodness for the little bell on his collar, we tracked him down to the thick undergrowth where he was circling. We could see him and he saw us but he wouldn’t come.  He purposefully did not come.

For a moment I thought, what if I left him out there to do what he wants to do – and maybe he will come back when he has been satisfied. But I just did not trust him to do so. He might not know how to clamber through the barbed wire fence he so cleverly went through. And besides he had crossed the boundaries where it was no longer on our friend’s property.  And there are wide fields with even more interesting smells and there are country lanes with no street lamps – and it was getting dark.

It must be the new and interesting smells of animals in the countryside which had set him off. His whole body language changed. He was stiff with excitement and he heeded not to any recall.

Anyway, this episode reinforced my fear that his wild streak hasn’t totally been extracted from him. He can still become feral when something flips the switch.

So what happens next – spent a long time detangling him from branches and taking seeds off his coat!IMG_4007For those who are not familiar with George, he was a street dog in Hungary when he was culled and put not a Killing Station. He came to live with us almost two years ago. He used to be afraid of trucks and buses and did not like cars. He has come a long way and he has been amazing. But I am not so sure any more.



  1. Ian Harrison

    Love to see them playing. As for George’s wild side, boys will be boys!!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    It must have been a shock after a nice leisurely vacation with Darcy! Reinforces your decision not to take George on that trip. He must have terrier in him. A trainer once told me once they go off like that they have a taste for it and they will continue to do it. I had one that spent her life digging under fences and giving me heart attacks on a regular basis.

    • Miss Darcy

      Yup! Can you imagine losing him when I am away or him running out onto th roads. He wouldn’t even know how to get home.

  3. Margaret Danks

    George you little monster! Naughty lead for you.

  4. Cheryl

    I can only imagine how scared you must have been! I’m so glad you caught him!! I’d never let him off lead again.

    • Miss Darcy

      He definitely cannot be trusted in new situations. At the usual parks his recall is quite brilliant. 😞

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