One for you, one for me

And see what awaited us on our arrival home – DOG TREATS!

We each had a tin. I got the FABULOUS FUR tinIMG_5352FABULOUS FUR – Liver treat with added flax, pumpkin seed and virgin olive oil which not only provides the essential Omega 3, 6 & 9 but these treats are also packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins.

And George’s tin was TAKE MY DOG BREATH AWAY (hint! hint! Georgie – LOL!)IMG_5364TAKE MY DOG BREATH AWAY – Liver treat with added parsley and organic coconut oil; the mix of herbs and oils will not only assist with the doggy breath but is also excellent for skin and coat, digestion and is an immune system booster.

They used to come in an assortment box with packets like these …

IMG_9780But now they also have some pretty tins IMG_5014

May’s comments:  And the added benefit – they look good on my kitchen counterIMG_5017They were also listed on Sunday’s Express magazine – S – “Christmas gifts for pets”

What we like about their treats – they don’t add any salt, sugars, dyes or fillers. They use a method of dehydration to preserve the treats, which means there are no chemicals whatsoever. All the ingredients are human grade and quality. And they don’t use meat meal or other meat or vegetable by-products.

Really a lovely complement to our raw feeding!

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About THE DOG TREAT COMPANY (click here to link to their website)

We are first and foremost dog lovers, pet owners (dogs and cats) and generally speaking have a passion for animals and their well-being.

We are also artisan producers of all natural handmade dog treats.

We only use human grade, ethically sourced ingredients and we make our treats by hand in Devon. We do not add sugars, salts or dyes to any of our products. We never add chemicals or enhance the shelf life of any of our products by artificial means.

Our liver is free range (as are our eggs) and our herbs are non-irradiated and GMO free. We never use meat meal or any other animal or vegetable by products to bulk or fill our treats….ever!

We hope you like them…we know your dogs will!


We started making dog treats about 4 years ago for our own motley crew…a Spanish Water dog, a Golden Retriever and a Golden Lab!! I remember very clearly what turned my mind to it in the first place, I was in the doggy aisle of my local supermarket about to buy a number (of what I thought were) yummy pup treats when a lady approached me. She related to me her unhappy tale about added sugar and salts in the particular treats I was about to purchase. It got me thinking, so off I went to my local pet store and then to my vet. Unfortunately, without spending an arm and a leg there was very little in the way of healthy or additive free treats.

The backdrop to this is my extremely handsome but often very stubborn Golden Retriever (on the front of the ‘Run Free’ and ‘You Can Teach An Old Dog New Treats’). At the time he was 8 and entirely unmotivated by food and entirely deaf when recalled from a stream, river or bog. So my problem was clear as you cant teach an old dog new tricks, I needed to find a treat that was healthy but also yummy enough to motivate my big golden retriever when the walk was over and it was time to go home!

Finally after many failed attempts I hit upon the perfect recipe and they have been a hit with my dogs ever since…. But that was the just the beginning pretty soon I was making bags of treats for my fellow dog walkers and their four legged friends. The word spread and I was inundated with requests for treats and offers to pay for them.

The Eureka moment had arrived!

We now supply pet shops, whole food stores, pubs, vets, community stores and shops, garden centres, pubs and a whole host of other retailers and businesses.

All of our treats are hand made, contain ONLY ethically sourced human grade ingredients have no added salts, sugars, dyes or preservatives whatsoever! The only additives that go into our treats are all natural, healthy and benefit the well being of dogs!


If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why would you give it to your best friend?

Thankfully, nowdays you have a choice when it comes to feeding and treating your best friend. It wasn’t so long ago that the only option was to feed and treat your dog some unlabelled unidentifiable products (reformed in the shape of a bone or similar) of sub human grade quality. Generally, they were also packed full of salts, sugars, dyes, chemicals and other nasties.

Fortunately, canine nutrition has moved on considerably in the last 15 years and so have the options for feeding and treating. We are a family run business. First and foremost we love our dogs and we aim to know about and promote, good nutrition. We also believe that we can and should feed them food and treats that are of human grade quality. That’s not to say that we fancy tucking into Rovers dinner every night. But, by the same token, why would we feed our best buddies any old rubbish, the by-products and left overs from other food based industries that aren’t fit for our own consumption?

We strive to put really good stuff in our liver treats to enhance the natural benefits for your dogs (& ours to). Dogs love our treats so much they don’t care that they are eating treats packed full of healthy stuff, naturally low in fat…with a huge crunch that’s good for teeth and gums!

So the added turmeric, cinnamon and caraway seed with a green tea infusion in our “Fighting Fit” treat will be gobbled up by Rover, none the wiser for his healthy boost!

So whether you’ve chosen our ‘Barking up the Right Treats’, ‘Happy Box’ or our ‘Run Free’ joint and bone care with devils claw pumpkin seed and free range eggshells; you can rest assured that your dog is getting a really healthy treat with no rubbish or junk hidden inside. The proof is in the label…have a read!


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