My Vet, the Dentist!

It was time to have my teeth cleaned – at my multi-talented vet.  He’s also a dentist, I found out! 

img_8120I had a sense though that today’s visit to the vets isn’t the usual routine and I was more hesitant than I am usually.

Instead of the vet calling my name and I would run into the surgery – expecting treats, the nurse came out to get me and led me away …img_8122And realised that Mummy wasn’t going in with me.img_8123Well, I guess I will see you later …

May’s comment: The vet told me Darcy’s teeth needed cleaning about a year ago.  Since then I tried to clean her teeth myself, using a scaler for her incisors, the canine and premolars. But I didn’t pay heed to the molars all the way in the back!  So this last time when I took Darcy for her medical before travelling, the vet again mentioned it to me and showed me what he meant.  Yup! They were brown with dental tartar. They are not easy to get to as you have to pull their lips all the way back.

Dental tartar, I have learnt, is mostly bacteria that can damage gums, the bone beneath and ligaments that hold the teeth in place. Even worse, it can enter the blood stream and affect vital organs.  That didn’t sound like something I want in her mouth.

I don’t like the idea of putting her under anaesthesia but I guess it had to be done – or she might lose her teeth eventually. 🙁

They asked if I am happy for them to extract any teeth if necessary. I know they’re not at such an advanced stage so I said NO and they had to call me first. So I sat around all morning hoping never to get that call. Thankfully it never came. Then waited till 12.30pm to call and see if everything had gone well. All ok. She was just coming around.  Thank goodness. Then waited to pick her up.  Couldn’t focus on doing anything else today except imagine how she is and how she will be afterwards. The last time she went under, she was all whoozy and sleepy the rest of the day.

Happy to report that all went well. img_8133My bundle of furry happiness.

Their only apologies – she fell asleep with her ears in a bowl of water! LOL!

She did stay quiet in my arms more than usual when we got home.img_8137Small portions of light meals – the way to go for tonight and tomorrow morning.  But she is all ok. George next.



Photos of canine teeth from

Darcy goes to Kynance Vet – 8 Kynance Mews, London


  1. Jill Keiser

    Glad you came through your cleaning with everything turning out perfectly! Hope you feel yourself again super soon!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Sweetheart, so glad all went well with your dental clean. Have a good snooze cuddled up to mummy, you’ll your old self tomorrow.

  3. Karen Mc

    Lucy had her Dentist visit last week..under anaesthetic as well..she also had a very quiet night after it was all over. I’m glad you came though so well Miss D and mummy survived.

  4. Alison Mullett

    Hope Darcy is back to her usual self today? Sending 🤗

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