Perfect “Imperfections”

Hi! I just want to say thank you to all you hoomans who came to my support after Mummy, oops, I meant, May posted about my “inadequacies”.

You have given me faith and hope in the good of people. You helped us to see things differently – in a positive way.

I wanted to share some of the things that made us smile and if we could, we would have done high-fives!

My “deformed” legs to some, to others, I was born to dance!  I am poised in first position to do a plie! 🙂And a third arabesque position. Apparently those “deformed” legs give better hugs!

My “scary” big round eyes, are not so LARGE as compared to Darcy’s!Even so, they just radiate more love! Some hoomans are just too blind to see!

My very soft tight curly white coat, May said it feels like fleece, so makes me better to snuggle with.

As for my long lean body – I think a lot of hoomans could be a little envious of my sexy bod! LOL!

As for my tail, well, I’ll be darn to disappoint anyone with it. Not only does it fan well when I am so excited to see you!

Best of all, someone reminded all of us, we are “perfect imperfections.” I am the best version of me!  I am real, I am alive, and I am the best Churchill – as there is none other like me!

I can even speak

and I can be funny –I made this “halo” all by myself!

So thank you for making me feel so much better about myself.

May’s comment: And lest we forget, no one is “perfect” whatever “perfect” means. But we are all truly perfect in our “imperfections.” That’s what makes us unique and beautiful.

I had mentioned sending his DNA tests to find out about those legs, long body covered in poodly hair. Someone said, you already know what he is – a beautiful dog! And she’s right! He is more than handsome. He is a little happy guy. Gangly maybe but oh my goodness, when he decided to jump on me for the first time, he was one big THUD that landed on me.

I held him on my lap last evening and for the first time, he sat without struggling. Hooray!

The overflow of love and support for Churchill has been heartwarming.  I haven’t told him yet but there are at least two interested parties who will be meeting him soon. They have read about his “imperfections” and they both think he’s perfect!

Looking forward to telling you about Churchill’s next chapter.


  1. Sian Widner

    Churchill has melted my heart! I love reading his updates. I had a dog that I brought to London with me called Sam. So many people there commented about his looks, in a very negative way. One person even told me he was the ugliest dog he had ever seen! I was stunned. To me, Sam was gorgeous! I really thought he was dog model material! I don’t know what all those people were seeing. I guess they had ugly eyes that didn’t see true beauty! So sad for them, they really missed out!! Churchill is a beautiful dog too! I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t be able to see that!!!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Please let us know the results of the DNA results when you get them! It will be interesting to see what Churchill shares besides poodle!

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Dear Churchill, you really are a sweetheart. I too will be interested in the DNA results, they may give us some clues as to why you are sooo darned handsome. I hope that one of,the interested parties turns out to be your perfect match, and that maybe we will be able to keep up with your new life and loves through Miss Darcy. Good luck you sweet boy, may you be spoiled rotten furever.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Jen Gouslin

    Churchill is completely adorable. I can’t believe people say negative things about him. That speaks more to the person than the dog. He will find his forever family I have no doubt.

  5. Nancy Koon

    I love the way he “talks”!! And I’m really curious as to what the DNA results say. He’s
    such a sweet, cute little guy!

  6. Rusty

    Soooo cute. Rusty says hi and thinks he’s a star.

    I love his ballet feet. X

  7. Laura Cordovano

    He is quite the communicator. What a precious, charming, sweet little guy. Someone is going to be very lucky. Churchill has loads and loads of love to give. ❤️

  8. Rachel

    I had a Schnauzer named Shadow for 14 years, he passed away last November. Whenever I looked at Churchill’s photos, he reminded me of Shadow. I groomed many Schnauzers in the past and I think Churchchill has Schnauzer gene in him. His big nose, muzzle, that big pair of expressive eyes and he is vocal. Most Schnauzers are very vocal.
    Above is my two cents worth of thoughts.

    • Sian Widner

      I had a Schnauzer years ago as well. I think the same thing when I see Churchill! The sweet eyes and muzzle!

  9. Carol

    Sian has it right, they have ugly eyes! Anyone that can’t see beauty in all animals, has ugly eyes! And Churchill is gorgeous.

  10. HI, My Spoodle, Cassie, is a double for your beautiful dog Same size, white little curls,
    She is an absolute darling. She too has a problem with her leg. In our case her rear left leg. She was born without a hip socket,ie she has the ball but not the socket at the top of her leg. Her ittle body made a false muscle which give her great mobility. I wondered what your dog’s leg problems is. Cassie needs to be lifted up stairs and into the car. I too describe he legs in ballet terms, ie first position with he hind legs pivotting at the back. Her right leg takes the weight and her left leg pivots to assist with balance. She is not in pain but a little uncomfortable. Surgery is not an option as she is coping extremely well.

  11. Kim

    He’s just beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DNA results show some Dachshund which would account for those legs. 💙💙💙💙

  12. Cheryl

    I love Churchill!! I don’t care what his DNA reveals, I know he is a sweetheart with lots of love to give to whoever adopts him!
    I hope and pray you and he finds his loving forever home ASAP!

  13. Heidi Nelson

    I hope it works out with the interested parties. He deserves a life-long loving home. I will miss the updates. He has a special place in my heart which was cemented by his video…he’s even more lovable in “action”! Hugs and Kisses!

  14. Alicia

    Oh! Churchill and my Kody Bear could have the cutest conversations if they were together! Love the 5th picture down, the straight on view of his face! Gorgeous eyes and that adorable little tongue! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Margaret Danks

    I have everything crossed that one of the interested parties turns out to be Churchys saviours, with a massive yard, doggy siblings and all the love in the world.🐾❤

  16. Angelique Korkodilos

    I am so happy to read this positive post. Churchill is so very gorgeous! We are keeping our fingers crossed that he finds his loving home! Never listen to mean comments. I spent my childhood being told I was fat Churchill and the meanies ended up being fat failed adults! As my father said these thingd build character and I never let it get me down! 💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕 you have been through enough and I forsee a rainbow!

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