Plum Pudding on a mission

Who’s this?  It’s Plum Pudding. 

She had travelled to London with her hooman on a mission.  Her hooman, Lisa and other hoomans, including our friend Beverley were going to Westminster Hall to listen to the Lucy’s Law debate.  But no dogs inside Westminster, so we had the honour of having Plum with us this afternoon.She wasn’t so sure about us at firstGrowling at George when he was trying to be friendly.

But it didn’t take long before she realised we’re ok.And we told her, we will wear our Lucy’s Law rosette proudly …For Marshall, Max, Raven, for Lucy and so many others who suffered at the greed of money-spinning breeders who doesn’t care about the lives they bring into the world – only to make a profit from supplying often sick puppies to dealers to sell on to the unwitting public.This will help to stop many more broken-hearted families who will see their precious puppies die at the vet’s due to the carelessness of the greedy breeders.

May’s comment:  Lucy’s Law is a petition from the public to demanding a ban on the sale of puppies by pet shops and other third-party commercial dealers, a trade fed by cruel puppy farms.

Lucy’s Law was named after Lucy, a Cavalier Spaniel rescued from a Welsh puppy farm.She was a casualty of the puppy from trade and has been exported to within an inch of her life with no regard for her health or welfare. Lucy was rescued and adopted by Lisa Garner in 2013.  Despite Lucy’s horrific and miserable past as a breeding slave, she still had it in her enormous heart to love people. She made so many people think about all the other poor mums, the invisible victims living their lonely, loveless lives to produce litter after litter. Lucy became a mascot for all the underdogs. Sadly, she died all too soon in December 2016. Lucy’s Law is named in her honour.

After her death, Lisa, then adopted Plum Pudding from the same rescue charity where she had found Lucy.If Lucy’s Law is enacted, it will make it illegal to sell puppies unless the mother is present, stopping sales by third-party dealers. It will:

  • ensure licensed dog breeders show puppies alongside their mother before a sale is made
  • insisting licensed dog breeders only sell puppies they have bred themselves
  • regulating adverts by ensuring licensed sellers include the seller’s license number, country of origin and country of residence of the pet for sale

Thank you to all who signed the government e-petition in support of Lucy’s Law that was launched on 10 March 2018. It needed 100,000 signatures to get a hearing and that number was reached within two weeks. It showed a powerful voice from the public – and today there was a debate at Parliament.

Feedback from those who were at Westminster Hall today listening to the debate on Lucy’s Law says it was very positive. Waiting to hear the next steps that could change animal welfare in this country.

L to R: Marc Abraham, Laura Critchley, Beverley Cuddy, Lisa Garner with our friend Plum Pudding, Sarah Clover, Linda Goodman, Andrew Penman



  1. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Well done to Lisa and what a lovely pup Plum Pudding is – let’s hope there is finally something put in place to stop this horrendous cruelty. RIP beautiful Lucy – I am glad she had the opportunity to love and be loved. xxx

  2. Cheryl

    I hope and pray Lucy’s Law passes and gets enacted ASAP! My home state of Michigan is talking about a law similar to this, but sadly it’s just talk so far.

  3. Anne McCormack

    We unwittingly bought Ben from a puppy store. He was desperately ill with 48 hours but thankfully after mad dash to out of hours veterinary hospital and a few hours on a drip, he re overhead. He is fit and healthy now but I worry so much about his 2 siblings in that store and the 6 that were sent to Leeds.

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