Premiere Movie Night

We were invited to the UK premiere for Patrick, a movie about a young woman, Sarah and her pug.  BUT Cockapoos got a mention – in the context “if we get a dog, it will have to be a cockapoo!” YES!!!

And in the scene at the vet, there was a cockapoo.

It was a fun evening with friends. Wearing a pug mask for the occasion.
We met Gok Wan earlier before he introduced the movie.And some of the castsWas most excited to meet Harley, the Pug who played Patrick! Woohoo! But there really is a real life pug called Patrick who inspired the film.

Ok, right! I am waiting for the movie to begin!Good shirt for the event, Mister!

May’s comment: A new British comedy film featuring a pug dog.  A feel good movie, definitely targeted at dog lovers, particularly pug lovers – you can’t help but be impressed by Harley’s acting skills. Got excited when there was mention of a cockapoo and there was a cockapoo in one of the scenes! We fist pumped!  LOL!

The audience was mostly dog owners.  A lot of pugs. And they barked throughout the movie – to everyone’s amusement.  It was really all for fun.  As the plot evolved, we cheered, and we laughed, yes, even shed a tear and we applauded. It was all for fun.

My conclusion – there are a lot of crazy dog people! And I am NOT one of them! Honestly! LOL!

The premiere was at Belgravia Garden Square inside a marquee – for the purpose of the doggy audience. All in good fun.


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    You and your fur babies just have the most awesome life! Fantastic!!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Did you know that James Taylor, my favorite singer/guitarist, has a pug, too?

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