Prize Winners!

This week – Little Tyke and I were awarded prizes. 

At Dog Fest yesterday, I was very honoured to be awarded a prize.IMG_1427Dogs Today magazine gave me a “Heroes of Dogfest 2016 Award” for making the world more dog friendly!IMG_1434Mummy went up on stage with me.

And on Friday, my BFF, Little Tyke, he too got a prize on Friday.
IMG_1317At his school’s Annual Speech Day, we awarded his school’s First Year Highest Achievement in Science IMG_1316Well done, Little Tyke.

And we will see you soon!

May’s comment: Two of my favourite beings in the whole wide world! So proud of them!.

Of course it was an honour for our blog to be recognised by a leading dog’s magazine – who would have thought that we would receive a Dogs Today “Heroes Award” for doing our favourite things – travelling, staying at nice hotels and dining out! IMG_1466Life is good. 🙂

As for Sasha – he is now a little chap.  I remember him crying through a Christmas Pageant because he had stage fright – breaking my heart. But this time, as he walked up on stage all by himself in front of the whole primary school and parents to receive his prize for Highest Achievement in Science at his school – he was calm, quietly confident and proud. IMG_1318So proud of you!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Congratulations Miss Darcy for your Heroes of Dogfest 2016 Award! We are all so proud of you! We are also proud of your best friend, Little Tyke, for his Highest Achievement in Science Award! Wow you two are doing so well!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Congratulations Miss D for making our world a more dog friendly place. Congratulations to Little Tyke too. As someone who was never good at science or maths I’m very impressed. Both of you standing tall and proud.

  3. Alison Mullett

    Well done Miss Darcy and Little Tyke!

  4. Margaret Danks

    Well Done MissDarcy and May ( not forgetting little Georgous) for making prople sit up and take notice of our little furry family. And well done too little Tyke, what a clever little chap.

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