Ready for another train journey, George?

From Hamburg, we have one long train journey to Copenhagen – 5 hours – or so we thought.

But then two and a half hours into the journey, they announced that we had to get off the train when it goes onto the ferry to do the crossing over to Denmark!

Whoa! Another ferry? We are not going into kennels again, are we? No? We are allowed everywhere? We like this ferry – the Princess BenedikteOf the Scandiline.  We went to the top deck.George clung onto Mummy – afraid she might throw him overboard.

And he didn’t like the surface area and refused to walk!After we’ve crossed the ferry, the Danish border “politi” came on the train to check the passports of all hoomans – not ours.That’s because Denmark is not part of the Schengen Agreement.The ferry crossing broke up the journey – so instead of sitting for five hours straight, we got off.  The crossing took 45 mins. The interruption made the journey go a little faster even though it was still five hours before we got to Copenhagen.

When we left the train station, we saw the Tivoli Gardens in front of us. Dogs were not allowed in there – so we just looked at it from afar.

Our hotel was very close to the station – would have been a two minute walk but two dogs and a big wheelie meant Mummy had to manoeuvre the bag and us along uneven pavements.  We finally arrived at –Axel Guldsmeden is an eco-friendly hotel – something different. Everything green about it.

They have a lovely garden – heated of course, but it hasn’t been too cold – so far. We learnt that there’s a health and hygiene law in Denmark so pets are not allowed in restaurants but at the hotel, they had tables set up in the common areas where they can serve food. Thank goodness – or we would have to stay in the room while Mummy went out for supper.

We went for our last walk and came across this lovely shop Illums Bolighus – and found this Advent Calendar with a difference! LOL!No, Mummy, we are not taking them home – the wheelie bag is heavy enough.

May’s comment: Part 2 of our journey. After yesterday’s marathon journey, today’s journey seemed so simple. One train only from Hamburg to Copenhagen! Didn’t know about the ferry crossing – bit that was simple enough – it just meant us getting off the train – leaving all luggage in the train.

On the train was a lovely lady who sat across from us. She has two huskies, though not with her. When she saw my two, she offered to take George – during the journey of course. LOL!  As nice as she was, she started to “take over” – she loosened George’s collar without asking me. There’s a purpose for making sure the collar doesn’t slip through his head. Going up and down the train steps (I’ve been carrying him up and down those steps since Hamburg) because they have big gaps and grids! We’ve had a near accident in the early days when he fell through a gap and was held by the collar and leash. If the collar was loose and he had slipped off it, that would have been the end. He would had run in fear through the train tracks.  And then she decided to take off his coat. She may have been right there as it was room temperature inside but I also didn’t want him lying around on the filthy train floors. But I was grateful for her entertaining George.

I think I have gained muscles or at least sore muscles since we started our journey. Walking two dogs can be difficult but that massive wheelie bag – never again! Too big, too heavy to go up and down trains and train stations. And it has a life of its own. When the train or bus makes a turn, the bag comes alive!!! So not only do I have to handle two very good dogs at travelling but I also have to control a bag! Now I know why I always have just one small wheelie bag and at most a back pack. Lesson learnt – or maybe don’t travel distances during winter!



  1. Fiona Stewart

    May, I love reading your blogs, and hearing about all your adventures. You are very brave , not mad, doing all this travelling on your own with George and Miss Darcy and I admire you for doing this. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your journey.
    Oh and I wish I could find all these dog friendly places in Scotland too. 🐩

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    Your travels are amazing May!! Makes me jealous. I think it is wonderful that you take your babies with you! Enjoy!

  3. Lucca

    Following you closely.May
    Lol Lucca and Jocelyn X

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