Safety First

No mince pies! Don’t worry, I was just looking at them.

Mummy always get excited about this time of year but along with it, are more “dangers” for us. Besides the usual poisonous foods like mince pies for us, there are a few more things to keep in mind.  So, poochy friends, please be

Christmas Trees is a new addition to our homes at this time of year, and I know we’ll be very curious as to why it had suddenly appeared in the home. Don’t jump on it, don’t try nibbling it either – and yes, even if the wires all look a bit tempting to chew. Not a good idea. Is that why Mummy has a small fake tree sitting on top of a pile of books?

Holiday Plants: Mummy used to have poinsettias but since she learnt that they could pose a potential danger, she decided she didn’t need those in our home. And if she’s out looking for mistletoe for some reason, she better just keep that to herself and not involve us – for more reasons than they are poisonous for us. LOL!

Decorations: Oops, we have lots of candles and she has us taking photos close to them. And the pine cones have tinsel on them. Thankfully those things do not interest.

Have a safe holiday!

May’s comment: Holiday Dog Safety checklist is from Puppy Spot.

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  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Phew Miss D that was scary! Elsie loves yoghurt just checked the pot and it has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives in it!! Thanks for the tip.

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