Father Christmas is here!

I went with Little Tyke to the Harrods Christmas parade this morning. He was very excited to see Father Christmas!


And then there were strange four legged animals with things on their heads – I suppose that’s what my hat is about.




Well, that was an eventful morning … Little Tyke got his balloon so he’s a happy camper and me – tired bus ride home.

Christmas Bus


  1. Judith Vogel

    Dear Miss Darcy, Thank you for your daily posts! I’m so delighted by your photos and to learn what an exciting life you live with your human mom!
    I’m ashamed of my bad email manners and hope to be a better correspondent.
    Now I am being called to get ready to go to the country. Tomorrow is the NYC Marathon
    and I’ll be sorry to miss the “action” but us dogs don’t completely rule the roost!
    Good bye for now and many licks to you from me “Bennie”

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