Sarkozy – the Original Scaredy Cat

Meet Sarkozy, Sarko for short. His namesake is you-know-who! ūüôā

His mummy told us he’s really a scaredy cat – the original. Well, that’s what she says, but he looks scary to us – very large – he’s as big as Georgie!

IMG_2669And there’s Bacchus – he’s equally large!!!! IMG_2673But he’s no scaredy cat.

On the first day when we arrived, Georgie and I were terrified to see them both at Tati’s house. We barked at them but were firmly told that¬†they are not going away and we needed to respect them.

But I had not realised that included their food.  IMG_2518So when they were eating, I thought I would go and nose around at their biscuits. I got royally swiped by Bacchus.

I shrieked and ran away as fast as I could. I jumped on the sofa where Mummy was sitting. George hurriedly came over to where we were and stood watch next to me, as I crouched Рscared out of my life by a cat!IMG_2477 George and I thought we better team up!IMG_2479 But scaredy Sarko, true to what his mummy said, ran up the stairs and peered down at us from the safety of heights.IMG_2482In fact he was so scared, he went to sit on the window sill so we could not get him.IMG_2492

It’s Day 2. We are still very nervous when the cats appear. ¬†Bacchus especially wants to put us in our places. ¬†He would go about doing his thing but when it’s time for food, he comes around and takes presides over the place.IMG_2377 He watches our every move.IMG_2372Since being told off from day 1, I know to stay away from Bacchus. ¬†IMG_2682We even get locked out of the kitchen when they are feeding.IMG_2512As I looked in at them – longingly for the food.
IMG_2521George on the other hand tries to get to know them. He tries to engage them and wishes they would play with him. He tries to get closer to each of them individually … and then he gets scared when he gets too close.

Just when we thought he might be succeeding, his fear would get the better of him. In one instance, both George and Sarko scared each other so much they both squealed with fear as they both ran away in the same direction. It was rather hilarious to watch.

But when both cats turn up in the kitchen, god almighty!!!IMG_2653What do we do now?!?!?!

The both¬†of¬†us¬†were¬†hiding behind each other in the corner!!!! ¬†Not so brave now George?IMG_2655Truth be told – George and I are the real scaredy cats even though we’re dogs!

May’s comment: The dynamics are funny to watch but also a bit nerve wrecking if they would hurt each other out of fear.

Back home, Darcy respects our neighbourhood cat. But George did not know any better and got hissed by him. Ever since then he’s been unsure about cats.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Oh my days! Poor MissD and weeny George, you look so scared. Maggie has 2 cat brothers and they get along just fine. May, I love the photo of George hiding behind Darcy for protection. See how far they have both come?

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