Saturday markets are torturous!

Every Saturday, rain or shine, at the Duke of York Square near Sloane Square is the Partridges Food Market … IMG_7345and the smells of everything wafting through the air drives me completely insane!!!!!IMG_6486Nose on the groundIMG_6482Including GeorgeIMG_6483Looking up now and then to see where all the smells are coming fromIMG_7348Or jump up to have a look. IMG_6495And then we run into other “creatures”IMG_7352After awhile, we have to take a break from all that and take a view of the world.IMG_6515And we’re not the only pooches around. IMG_7358 IMG_7359 IMG_7360 IMG_7361May’s comment: A huge array of foods at the Partridges Saturday Food Market at Duke of York Square –IMG_6476There’s soooo much food!IMG_6475 Of all tastes and varietiesIMG_6477 One of London’s best artisan food marketIMG_6478Located in the pedestrianised square, they sell everything from traditional pies to French cheeses, from sushi to Moroccan food!
It was started by Partridges London on the Square in 2005
IMG_7347to celebrate the diverse and evolving world of fine, local, British and International foods and offer small producers, startup businesses and farmers the chance to share their passion and expertise with the public.”  IMG_7346And it has grown and grown – a fun way to spend Saturday!  So much variety you don’t even know where to begin!

The Saturday market opens at 10am and closes at 4pm.


  1. Alex

    We were there!!! Crumpy is a total nightmare… Pull, pull, lunge etc

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