As Summer lingers on …

it’s time to go back to St. Tropez!

Packed my itty bitsy pink bikini and shades!A hat, and a couple of coats in case the weather turns – and my Teddy, at the slightest chance I may miss home.In the Love My Human bag because I do – and this will be the first time I am going abroad on my own.

All in the spirit of St. Tropez!  I’m ready to go!May’s comment: Have you ever felt jealous of your dog? I have! She gets invited to St. Tropez for three weeks – but not moi!!!!

Plans all changed at the last minute. I really wanted Darcy to be at the House of Mutt to do her agility, etc. while I am away visiting Sasha and family plus doggies. On a late night texting, Yaena said how much she wished she could take Darcy with her to their house in St. Tropez. Having only racked my brain all afternoon and evening asking everyone on my go-to list to have George for the five days, my immediate response was –

Me: You can take her!!! I can send George to the House of Mutt instead!

I explained that I haven’t managed to find someone we’re familiar with to take him after plans changed suddenly.

YB: Yes I do if you can cope without her for so long. When do I pick her up? Do you want to sleep on it and let me know tomorrow?

GULP! I wasn’t expecting that. That means three weeks plus that I wouldn’t see her – almost a month!

Me: Are you sure?

I asked, hoping Yaena would put my pounding heart to rest with an ounce of doubt on her side. But she continued …

YB: Yes.

The conversation ensued … I mentioned all the obstacles that Yaena had not thought of, yet knowing this was a god-sent. It was the answer to my dilemma about George, that is if the House of Mutt was happy for me to swap them.

Yaena then sent an image of Marley –“I am so excited for you to come and play with me in France, Darcy. I am going to pack a ball for us to chase together.”

The messaging continued ..

Me: My heart is pounding between excitement and sadness.

YB: Why sad?

Me: I will miss her but I know she will have so much fun (based on our recent trip to Holkham beach!)

YB: I will keep in touch every day and send photos. I will spoil her with so much love and kindness. She will never be left alone for the entire time she is with me.

I will spoil her and keep her busy as she will miss you. I will try to fill the gap.

Could I have asked for more reassurance? I know Yaena and her generous spirit. When we were her guests in July together, she bonded with Darcy and since that time she had yearned to have Darcy stay over. This was defo a god-sent. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. I know she’ll be so well looked after, she may snub me when she’s home.

Once I had confirmation from Sarah at House of Mutt even later that same evening, I packed her Equafleece, and a coat just in case it gets cold. And her bikini – NOT!LOL! It’s a hand-me-up from Skye! What about that hairy chest!!!

But I did pack her Teddy and her passport – she’s going abroad for the first time without me!!!!  My heart wrenched with sadness with her going but reassured she will be well taken care of.

Well, I think she’s excited to get going …Flirting with Yaena and looking at me when I called her – thinking – What do you want? I’m busy!And she was getting impatient as Yaena consoled me and I hugged her – she was howling and telling us to get on with it!À plus tard, Miss D! Have lots of fun playing on the beach, lots of cuddles with Yaena and her girls – and most of all behave yourself – beach rolling not included!  I feel so much better knowing she’s happy to be with Yaena – maybe she remembers her from our holiday in July and associates her with fun times. What can I say about my two dogs?!?!?!

As for George – that little rascal! Report from House of Mutt – last night after arrival:

He’s being very jolly :).  Lots of spinny circles this afternoon and he’s been chilling on Polly’s lap this evening. All is good. :)”

I know what those spinny circles mean – he’s so excited, he’s beside himself!  Woo-hoo! A new place! What fun! And that he found someone to snuggle with! I guess he’s more than alright!  He knows how to take care of himself that little rat! Had me feeling so, so sad when sending him off – felt so bad but now I can completely enjoy the next two dogs – in Ko Samui!

Here I come, Lucky and Polo!


  1. Julie

    She’s such a little sweetheart and very photogenic. Both dogs are a credit to you x

  2. Liz Burman

    I wished I looked as good in a bikini as Miss D’arcy!!😂😂

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