We will always be Nr. 1 (and Nr. 2)

Mummy took us to the Mercer’s Walkies dog event – I had a good snoop around the booths that were there …I got caught by the owner of Boho Chien for snooping around!Oh, I like this one even better!How about those Peanut Butter for dogs?If I helped you sell a few of them would you give me some to taste?Oooh! And who is this fella? He’s Doug the Pug and he’s a PAT dog.  Mummy went to inquire about it. She’s always wanted to make us both PAT dogs.  The lady wasn’t so impressed by my jumping up and trying to get treats off her pocket!!! LOL!  That’s my trick! Mummy assured her that I’ve been to homes for the elderly and behaved impeccably.

There were prizes to be won and Mummy thought that if there’s one prize that George could potentially win – it would be “the small dog with the biggest attitude”. Right?  Well, he was right on cue from the minute we arrived. He was barking his head off, he snapped at all those unneutered puppies until show time.  What was confusing was that Mummy has been refraining him from being aggressive and yet he was being judged for his attitude.

Mummy got him to do tricks, he begged but when the judge wanted him to be aggressive, he became the sweetest thing and that PINK toy poodle was edging her way into his space. And when Mummy dropped a treat, she stole it from George and she won the prize BECAUSE she ate George’s treat. Seriously?!?!?!  Actually the judge was already partial to the poodle, and George would have had to have bitten him to take the prize from her. LOL! And then, George would be deemed to be dangerous. Couldn’t win either way.

But the overall winner was, Gus – a rescue. George said – so was I!  And he did tricks. So do I!  But alas, George, you are so handsome and look so well groomed, no one would have thought you were once a street dog from Hungary.  But we agree that Gus was the overall winner and well deserved!His mummy worked really hard and recognition deserved.

Poor George.  He lost everything today. 🙁 His treat, his prize and overlooked – again.

We left feeling depressed, and Mummy said, “Let’s go shopping instead.”  So we went to lovely stores where the hoomans there appreciated us for what we are.  We may not have won any prizes but we won lots of adulation in all the stores on Old Bond Street – and was well loved in every shop we went to. A morning of competitions and shopping could make one tired and hungry.  Next task – in search of some nourishment for Mummy.  There were a few places to sit outside but we’re way into the end of November so not a chance.  It was cold today! Walking along Dover Street Mummy remembered there was an Italian that once refused us entry.  But she thought she would ask again and this time, the staff at Casa Di Stefano waved us inside. We sat in the bar area – which was absolutely fine with us. Another one to add to our Wine and Dine list.

So our day ended being productive after all.

May’s comment:  But happy to spend the rest of Saturday checking out another dog-friendly restaurant – so we humans can stop and rest after all that shopping!  Casa Di Stefano is at 19-20 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LU

Remind myself – never enter another subjective competition!!!  Actually, better not to take life so seriously!! And all that really matters – my pooches, they will always be Nr. 1 and Nr. 2 to me.  And I will always be their Number 1!



  1. Julie Entwistle

    Was Louis Spence the judge. He’s really funny. I’m sure he selected Gus for all the right reasons. Miss Darcy and George are fabulous too x

    • Miss Darcy

      Who is Louis Spence?!?!? He was partial to the toy poodle in pink from the start. It came down to the pink dog and George. George clearly had attitude – we all know that! But I knew the “judge” desperately wanted to give it to the pink dog – who then ate George’s treat and “won”.

  2. Julie Entwistle

    Aww. He was on a programme about Pineapple Dance Studios. He’s a dancer having been in musicals in the West End and a choreographer (Louie not Louis). He comes across as a good guy. Maybe he’s partial to poodles x

  3. Cheryl

    George and Darcy, you will always be #1&2 to lots of us out here in blog land!

  4. Margaret Danks

    I too thought it was Loius spence! He is sooo funny when he is on TV. Miss D and Georgous will always be top of our leader board. 🐾

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