Miss Courage & Curiosity

Mini Tyke met Dinky George last week … IMG_8460She was very intrigued by George but a little unsure, especially since I barked at her.

But it did not put her off and she still loves to bother me.  Mummy just thought it would be better if she focused on George rather than me.

So yesterday, Mini Tyke encountered George – one-on-one …IMG_8850She was nervous but intriguedIMG_8851 She watched his every moveIMG_8852 But when George tried to smell herIMG_8853 She backed offIMG_8854 And became a little scaredIMG_8855 But both she and George persisted IMG_8856 George turned to look at Mummy for reassurance that this strange creature was okIMG_8857 Mummy told George – it’s ok Georgie.IMG_8858 He stood still to let her touch himIMG_8859 And stroked himIMG_8860 We taught her to be – Nice, niceIMG_8861 And it worked!!!IMG_8862 George acknowledged Mini TykeIMG_8863 And she was mighty pleased with herselfIMG_8864And investigated further – this time it was George’s earsIMG_8865 And started to observe the little white hairs he has on his body – no don’t pull at them!!!IMG_8866 Phew!!! Worried there for a moment.IMG_8867 And we resumed the “nice-nice” strokingIMG_8868 And then Georgie said, “Stroke my tummy, Mini Tyke because that’s how I know we will be friends!”IMG_8869 But she hadn’t learn yet to do that so she patted his headIMG_8870 And poked at his noseIMG_8871Well, we have come a long way since the first day she saw George.IMG_8514_2


  1. Margaret Danks

    Well done Georgie and mini tyke. George is so patient and such a sweetheart.

  2. Laura Cordovano

    Great pictures May. Good for both of them.

  3. Judith Vogel

    How beautiful is that interchange between the two!
    Should be titled “Getting to know you”.

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