So Happy!

Now that I am finally back in London for awhile, I am so excited to see my friends – just human friends first.

Zara came this morning to take me out for my morning walk. So excited to see her – knowing Rocko is downstairs waiting for me.IMG_6219

While the rest of the morning passed by uneventfully – the door bell rang at 1:30pm and it was my favourite dog walker – Agnes!!!

IMG_6229I missed you so much, Agnes!
IMG_6240I have so much to tell you and my doggy friendsIMG_6232I want to give you a big hugIMG_6237IMG_6239And a kiss!IMG_6233And then this evening Rocko’s Mummy came to take me out again!!!  Hi Jasmine!!!IMG_6248You’re taking my photo? How do I look?IMG_6249May’s comment: Thank goodness for friends to help out. Still not totally comfortable walking with her alone and crutches, so friends have happily come to get her this week.


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  1. Chrissy

    It is lovely to see Darcy back home with her mum as though she had never been away. Hope all is going well for you May and that you will soon be back to full strength.

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