So how was your Saturday?

A later than usual morning rise isn’t good for George and I. We have to wait for the hoomans to get their act together before we get fed.

Both George and I had to wake up Little Tyke to get the day going. It wasn’t easy. George had to step in again. And then they thought we wanted to play. Finally, Mummy’s strict commands sent them to have a bath while Mummy walked us out to buy bagels. And after Mummy cooked breakfast for the Tykes, only then we got fed. What happened to those days when her schedule revolved around our needs?!?!?!

The doorbell rang. Who could it be? Ah, it’s Peter coming to take George for the day – more of that later.  That means I have Mummy for the day.

SO excited! We’re going to the park – but not our usual. We’re in Holland Park.But my “freedom” didn’t last long.As we were walking around, we saw this exotic bird! And that probably explained why there are signs all over the place that says dogs must be on leads. But it wasn’t me chasing the peacock but some pesky kids!!! But things didn’t get any better after this …

I realised the reason we were there was because Little Tyke was having football coaching!And dogs are not allowed inside the Sports Field!!! I had to watch from the outside and then things got even worse! Mummy and Ellen were sitting inside just inside the fence and I had to stay on the other side! Waaaah! And I thought it was my park day!

And Mini Tyke went to the playground with Camilla – and I wasn’t allowed in there either. Now I know why we never come to Holland Park. 🙁At lunch, it was sushi – that was of no interest to me. So once again, relegated to being on my own – under the tables.

The rest of the afternoon, well. it was all about the kids. 🙁 And George was probably having a *@!?*** good time!!!

Even when Mummy and the Tykes took me for my afternoon walk, we needed up in a bookshop!!!!!Little Tyke got a book and we went back home – and the rest of the afternoon … he sat in the garden doing his puzzle book and I was tied to the chair because in their little courtyard, the rest of the neighbours are very precious about their garden. They don’t want dogs wandering around. Boo hoo!

May’s comment: Our adventures with the kids continues and my poor doggies are not getting all the attention they once had. Our days revolve around the kids and while we go everywhere that is dog friendly, it’s not the best for the doggies. Saw this while walking Darcy around the block! 


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Aaww poor you Miss D, sounds like you had a very tough Saturday. Never mind things will probably return to normal soon, and then you and Georgie can have mummy all to yourselves again.😘

  2. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Well it sounds like you had an interesting day anyway. It is good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Isn’t that price a little higher for lemonade? Lol. Xo

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