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So much fun for 23 pups!

It was our September Doodle meet on Sunday!

But something was happening on the streets of London. There were so many road blockages that half of those who came were late for our group photo.

L – R: Murphy, Lexie, Snoopy (labradoodle), Spencer, Stanley, George, Ellie, Darcy, Coco, Winston (poochon), Theo (cavachon), Bella, Fenway (Havanese), Mac, Maisie, Chendol (cocker spaniel)

When the remaining pups arrived, we had to do another late comers group photo –L-R: Harley, Ziggy (cavapoo), Floyd (labradoodle), Lyra, Poppy

And even then there were a few more stragglers!Elmo (mixed breed!)And Johnny

That was the most unsuccessful group photo ever! LOL! But all in all, we had 23 pups in all!

The doodles came in all sizes.

There were the old-timers And new faces.

At the end of our meet, some of us had some training session with Ed from House of Mutt.  Eight years on, there was something Mum realised she really wanted me to learn something very essential. I go a bit crazy with squirrels and that’s usually fine. But when we’re at Kensington Gardens there are bicycle paths where some cyclists are travelling at a crazy fast speed. A couple of times I had run across it when it was very busy – because I had run across it to chase squirrels and ran right back in search of Mum. So we had a training session today where I will start to learn to sit and wait the minute Mum tells me to – either my hand signal or command.  So we had a little practice with Ed –

Looks like it will be mots of treats in the weeks ahead!!!

May’s comment: Next Hyde Park Doodle Meet will be on the 28th October – we’ll give it the Halloween theme.

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