Solitude can be beautiful

Sometimes solitude is one of the most beautiful things on earth. – Charles Bukowski

It’s ok to take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on you.Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself.But it is also nice when you can be quiet with another without being awkward.Even Georgie needs time out – he doesn’t always seek attention. He too likes to be on his own sometimes.May’s comment: Saturday came along. There were things I could have done – run over to the Mall and watch Trooping the Colour – to take pictures of Darcy and George for Instagram postings.  And blog about being there.

There are always things to do …

Walk to the shops to order paint for Monday.

Go shopping for that jacket I really wanted.

Walk the dogs in the park – along with hundreds of others – on a beautiful day.

Actually I could have at least called EE to cancel my phone contract.

But I really didn’t want to see anyone, talk to anyone, be with anyone. I didn’t want to do much – maybe just some decluttering. I was unexpectedly starting to enjoy this day of no appointments, no meetings – and just being quiet. I walked the dogs up the street, around the block and came home. I figured they had a big day yesterday and tomorrow we are meeting friends – morning and evening. It was just nice having some quiet time, alone time and no frantic time. We need some of those times now and then. And yesterday was one of those days. OK. I still have a list of things to do – there’s always tomorrow and Monday will come soon enough. Till then, time for recharging.

The truth is I wasn’t really alone. 🙂There’s always a little pooch who wants a little snuggle. 🙂

I did manage to still be a part of Trooping the Colour – watching the fly past over where we live! 🙂 Hip hip hooray!


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    It must gave been “Quiet Saturday ” as we did exactly the same as you…Gracie lazed in the sunshine in the garden and we caught up with reading and “stuff” that gets left out on busy days. We even managed to binge watch a tv series that we had saved for such a day. Enjoy today too….Monday’s come around all too quickly. 💕🐾🐾

  2. Margaret Danks

    I love my days of being alone and doing not much…today is my day. Pottering, some shopping, made a solar light feature out of a hanging basket wire shell. Bliss. It’s too hot to take Maggiedog back out so we are chillin. 🐾❤️

  3. Kathy Shoulders

    Everyone needs a quiet day sometimes. You need it to refresh and gather your thought. I’m glad you all had that kind of day

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