Mind over matter

Or is it tempt-the-greedy? LOL!

Especially when we did not have a proper run in the park, Mummy lets us play “mind games” as in puzzles to solve. She keeps calling it that but for us, it’s just tempt-the-greedy!

This was my Christmas present but it was too simple so George is having a go at it. IMG_9867The last time he tried, he would pick out one treat and ran away to hide to eat it. IMG_9868Today he managed not to be afraid of the puzzle. He stayed at it and ate all the treats in the process.  Well done, Georgie!

This is an old puzzle that Mummy bought for me when at Crufts earlier this year.IMG_9869It doesn’t work very well –IMG_9825It gets stuck sometimes and I have to work very hard at it, pawing my way through each one.IMG_9826Actually I get to every treat faster than Mummy can put them in!

This is another “game” that Aunty Tory gave me. This one takes a little more than brute strength. IMG_9874I can either paw at it till the cover topples over.IMG_9871Or I lift the string handle and ha! ha! I opened it!IMG_9872Easy-peasy!

Georgie gets to sniff out what’s under those covers. These are the very first ones he played with – and he managed to turn them over to get the treats.IMG_9873Georgie is getting good at these “tempt-the-greedy” games and soon he’ll be playing with my puzzles too.

And along came Miuccia last night and –IMG_9880She immediately tackled Geroge’s toy.IMG_9881May’s comment: Mental stimulation/problem solving or just feeding the greed but at least they are working hard to get to it.

The blue toy is from Nina Ottoson – really well made and quality toys. Will probably look to get a Level 2 for Darcy.  The wooden puzzle doesn’t work very well but she still managed to get to the treats.

The box toy with string handle is from Trixie Dog Toys.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Thanks for letting us know where the toys were purchased. I want to check these out! Jill

  2. Julia

    Harry has the blue bone puzzle. Managed to suss it out very quickly. These poo’s are far too clever! X

  3. Tory Johnston

    The big blue toy is very easy in its basic form. But it becomes more difficult if you put the white bone shaped accessories inside the blue compartments ……

  4. Julia

    Yes I did this this but Harry decided to remove them and use as a chew toy and now they don’t fit!! 😔

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