Just a little bit closer …

The Pet Spa used to be at the Pet Kingdom in Harrods – which was fun for Mummy as that would give her a reason to go snoop around while we were being washed, shampooed, blown dry and trimmed.

When they closed down Pet Kingdom, Pet Spa opened up on Fulham Road across from the Royal Marsden Hospital – a lot closer to where we live, one bus stop ride away, a 7 minute walk. Two years later, they’ve moved again – and now they’re on the next street from us!!!! How amazingly convenient is that?!?!?!

Stephanie, thank you for being so considerate!IMG_8778Did you plan to move closer to us? 🙂

The Pet Spa is now located in the basement of a human hair salon Chelsea Chair on Fulham Road.IMG_9889 We went in through the salon and down the stairs.IMG_9891 Yeah, I was pretty filthy after a wet run in the park.IMG_9892George and I looked such a mess amongst all the well-groomed little doggies there.
IMG_9898 Do we really have to stay here?IMG_9902 Can I get out?IMG_9900 Because I can see a tray of treats on the table over there …IMG_9901May’s comment: How can I not be happy that The Pet Spa is literally on the next road from us?!?!?! Maybe I can train Darcy to walk there by herself! Just kidding!!!

Their new location is at Chelsea Chair, 305 Fulham Road

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  1. Laura

    We took our boys before Christmas and they were groomed beautifully! We mentioned your recommendation… Can’t wait to go back…

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