Weekend with Combemales

Right after I arrived home from House of Mutt, we took a train with Aunty Mag to St. Albans for the weekend.

Mummy loves to take advantage of the handicap seats. IMG_6041At St. Albans station waiting for Aunty Mag to pick us up. I just left the country and now we’re in the suburbs.IMG_6045 Christopher took me for a walk on his skateboard but I am afraid of skateboards.IMG_6051 So we resorted to the good old way of running together. IMG_6055 IMG_6056But the rest of the weekend was a lot of cooking and eating – Mummy was in for a treat – me, not so much.IMG_6133 Aunty Mag cooked up a storm – as always.IMG_6143Uncle Chris did give me some chicken – as I looked on forlornly.IMG_6141and when I ask Mummy – Can I have some food please?  The answer “NO!”

IMG_6137May’s comment: Having a lovely weekend with friends who offered to help out with Darcy back for the first weekend together.



  1. Maggie

    What lovely kind people you know May. Hope you are totally on the mend now. X.

    • Miss Darcy

      I am on the mend for sure – by end of this week, we hope to discard the crutches. So many kind people and friends really stepped up to help out in so many different ways. x

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