“Summer” has arrived

Little Tyke aka Sasha and Mini Tyke aka Syke (and parents) have arrived for the summer – and that for us officially marks the beginning of summer – despite the rain!

Ever since I could remember, Sasha and I have spent every summer together. Let’s say, we’ve been “growing up” together.

When we first met, we were both walking on all fours. LOL!(2011)

But the next time I saw him, he was walking on two legs …(2012)

And every year he grew taller. (2013)

It was always just “Darcy” for Little Tyke.But two years ago when George came into our lives, (2015)

Little Tyke had an option. (2016)

And he chose to walk George – for obvious reasons. Size mattered! I was probably too strong for him and he felt more comfortable managing George.

I didn’t mind. I preferred Mummy walking me anyway. And so we now can all walk together.(Summer 2017)

Sometimes he even walks the both of us!But I must tell you of an extraordinary thing that happened recently. When we were walking along, George stopped to poo – no, that was not the extraordinary event. It was when Sasha offered to pick up his poo. Mummy said he didn’t have to but he insisted.He said he knows how to do it.And he did a very good job. I think it made him feel responsible. Way to go Little Tyke!

May’s comment: Through the years, every summer was marked by the arrival of Sasha, and eventually, he and his little sister, Skye. They both prefer George – for reason of size.

One of the things we enjoyed doing is walking the dogs.


  1. Barb Barkley

    That’s a beautiful picture of Skye and George.

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Beautiful children, beautiful pooches. Love the photo of Little Tyke kicking up his heels in Camera Place.😍

  3. How the children are growing they are so beautiful love how gentle they are with Darcy and George

  4. Margaret Danks

    I love the first photo of my the pups lol

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