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All dressed up and somewhere to go

Georgie and I wore our best coats to M Restaurant’s Pampered Pooch Lunch. Read more…

What’s cooking, Chef? (A Dog’s Dinner @ Henry Root)

Our local “canteen” had another dog evening and our “gang of four” consisting of me, Georgie, Charlie and Fonzie (sometimes Jaffa) were all there – in a tangle with excitement on seeing each other again! Read more…

Sunshine by the river

It turned out to be a beautiful spring day yesterday when we went to The River Cafe for a late lunch. That way we could watch the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race as it went past on the River Thames. Read more…

Who let the dog in?

IMG_5977-580x773BRGR.CO did!!!! Read more…

Love was in the air!

We had a lovely Valentines lunch at The Henry Root. Read more…

We have to hurry home!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day Lunch for all Doodles at The Henry Root!

We can’t wait to see our friends there. Read more…

Lovely stopover

Well, this was an unexpected surprise.  The Pier Hotel on the quay side of old Harwich was a welcoming stopover before we begin our journey to the continent. Read more…

Two more weeks till Halloween parteee! … for all poos!

It’ll be Halloween soon and we’re going to have a parteee!  Gaucho Hampstead is hosting another cockapoo event – this time just before Halloween!

All humans with all doodle-poos are welcome! A restaurant full of cockapoos and all sorts of poo-doodles – nothing scary about it – just hilariously funny and loving! Read more…

Another Cockapoo Event at Gaucho Hampstead

A restaurant full of cockapoos – nothing scary about it – just hilariously funny and loving! We had 40 cockapoos earlier in the year. Now Gaucho Hampstead is hosting another cockapoo event, this time for Halloween on the 26th October!

Read more…

What a day!

I got lost, I got yelled at, I got stung, had lunch and did Agility.  It was both a physically and mentally exhausting day – I was wiped out! Read more…

To All Cockapoos, With Love

The day finally arrived when we were all at the Gaucho Hampstead for our very own Cockapoo Valentine!

IMG_6743 Read more…

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Love is in the Air!

We had a lot of fun! So many of us walking around, playing with each other in the back patio. Read more…

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  • IMG_6403
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Red Carpet @ Gaucho’s

We had our Red Carpet just before BAFTA – so E! couldn’t make it. But Dasha Hugg took photos of our red carpet walk – we in all our natural splendour! Read more…

Prepping for Gaucho

We went to meet with Jorge at Gaucho to finalise plans for Sunday!  Read more…

Table for two? At Ape and Bird

After all the Chinese New Year crowds, we escaped to a lovely place on Shaftesbury Avenue – called the Ape and Bird Public House. Read more…

Two More Weeks!

Counting the days!  15 days till our very own Valentine’s Event at Gaucho Hampstead! Read more…

Cockapoo Valentine’s at Gaucho Hampstead! (February 16th)

Hooray! There’s going to be a Valentine’s Themed Party for us Cockapoos at Gaucho Hampstead!  Yes, it’s a month away but we’re so excited to share the news! Here are the details … Read more…

สวัสดี (Sawadee)

This is Tum!  He works at Suksan, a Thai restaurant on Park Walk.  One day when Mummy went there for lunch, Tum asked Mummy if she has a dog. And he asked if she writes a blog for a dog!  He told Mummy he reads our blog!!!

Read more…