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Even Elvis came!

Happy first meet of 2018! Us, doodles of London – we’re back! Read more…

Starting our Fifth Year

January 2013 – four young cockapoos met up for a playdate.   Read more…

Our Thanksgiving Meet – this Sunday

Don’t worry – you don’t have to wear a panty over your head for our next Hyde Park Doodle Meet.  We’re only “dressing up”

Read more…

Halloween Doodles!

We had a most hilarious of meet – thanks to George!  Read more…

The Tarantulas are coming!!!

When you go to the park this Sunday, be sure of a big surprise!   Read more…

Ed’s coming to our Halloween meet-up!

In a week’s time, will be our October Hyde Park Doodle meet (29th October) and the theme will be Halloween!!!! Read more…

The Autumnal Sun came out for us

What a glorious day for our September Hyde Park meet! Read more…

More doodle recruits for our Hyde Park meet!

Most of the shops in Chelsea welcome us – which is useful because Chelsea dogs love shopping! 🙂 Read more…

A sunny Bank Holiday!

That sounds like an oxymoron! But it was indeed a beautiful sunny day for our August Hyde Park meet. Read more…

A special Doodle at our Hyde Park Meet – guess who?

It must be Summer hols – we didn’t have very many doodles today but we had some hooman munchkins Read more…

It’s almost the end of the month …

And its time for our July Hyde Park Meet! Read more…

  • IMG_8551
  • IMG_8540
  • IMG_8546
  • IMG_8548
  • IMG_8550
  • IMG_8554
  • IMG_8557
  • IMG_8558
  • IMG_8561
  • IMG_8564
  • IMG_8569
  • IMG_8571
  • IMG_8574
  • IMG_8575
  • IMG_8598
  • IMG_8599
  • IMG_8600
  • IMG_8603
  • IMG_8606
  • IMG_8607
  • IMG_8613
  • IMG_8620
  • IMG_8622
  • IMG_8627
  • IMG_8633
  • IMG_8635
  • IMG_8589
  • IMG_8557
  • IMG_8558
  • IMG_8565
  • IMG_8552
  • IMG_8567
  • IMG_8577
  • IMG_8630
  • IMG_8537

“Chicken Lady”, “Little Tyke” and Churchill …

It was a jolly good meet! Read more…

The “chicken lady” cometh again to Hyde Park Doodles Meet

Hello all doodles! It is the end of June and it’s time for our next Hyde Park Doodles Meet! Read more…

  • IMG_7171
  • IMG_7194
  • IMG_7193
  • IMG_7189
  • IMG_7173
  • IMG_7177
  • IMG_7182
  • IMG_7188
  • IMG_7195
  • IMG_7166
  • IMG_7163
  • IMG_7161
  • IMG_7160
  • IMG_7158
  • IMG_7198
  • IMG_7210
  • IMG_7224
  • IMG_7247
  • IMG_7227
  • IMG_7226
  • IMG_7209
  • IMG_7237
  • IMG_7185
  • IMG_7188
  • IMG_7177
  • IMG_7178
  • IMG_7182
  • IMG_7183
  • IMG_7184
  • IMG_7207
  • IMG_7169
  • IMG_7232

And the sun came out for us!

Thank you sun!  We had lots of first timers today! Read more…

Wishing for a sunny Sunday for Bank Holiday HPCC meet!

It’s the last Sunday of the month again!  And it’s yet another Bank Holiday weekend! Read more…

  • IMG_4876Jasper was the life of the party!!!
  • IMG_4873
  • IMG_4877
  • IMG_4878
  • IMG_4879Galileo's first visit
  • IMG_4883
  • IMG_4884
  • IMG_4899
  • IMG_4900
  • IMG_4902
  • IMG_4905
  • IMG_4906
  • IMG_4914
  • IMG_4916Hello Rusty!
  • IMG_4919Blue - took a long time to finally make his first meet!
  • IMG_4920
  • IMG_4928
  • IMG_4929
  • IMG_4925There was a spot that everyone loved!
  • IMG_4931So did Lyra!
  • IMG_4936
  • IMG_4890The Group!

An April rendezvous in Hyde Park (sans us!)

While George and I were away doing our thing, Mummy went off to a Hyde Park Meet! Strange! Read more…

Be afraid, be very afraid!

There’s a Hyde Park Doodle Meet this Sunday, 26th March but here’s a warning. Read more…

  • IMG_1320
  • IMG_1211
  • IMG_1214
  • IMG_1216
  • IMG_1224
  • IMG_1243
  • IMG_1244
  • IMG_1249
  • IMG_1251
  • IMG_1260
  • IMG_1264
  • IMG_1275
  • IMG_1276
  • IMG_1278
  • IMG_1280
  • IMG_1289
  • IMG_1298
  • IMG_1300
  • IMG_1301
  • IMG_1316
  • IMG_1324
  • IMG_1328
  • IMG_1330

And a parteeee was had by all!

Thank you poos, pooches and humans who came to my birthday parteeee! Read more…

Birthday Cupcakes for Hyde Park Meet – 26 February

This Sunday will be our February Hyde Park Meet – and it is also my birthday!!! We thought it would be nice to have some cup cakes to share with my friends. Read more…

A chance meeting four years ago …

This Sunday’s Hyde Park Doodle Meet will mark the fourth anniversary of when it all began back in early January 2013. Read more…

An Afternoon Tea – Save a Dog this Christmas

We gathered together – pooches and humans at The Milestone Hotel for an Afternoon Tea.

To keep it festive at this time of year, we wore our Christmas Jumpers and Santa hats. Read more…

  • IMG_1535
  • IMG_1484Mac and Maisie - bro and sister
  • IMG_1424
  • IMG_1464
  • IMG_1444
  • IMG_1452
  • IMG_1458
  • IMG_1423
  • IMG_1413
  • IMG_1466
  • IMG_1462
  • IMG_1422
  • fullsizeoutput_5bc
  • IMG_1399
  • IMG_1409
  • IMG_1416
  • IMG_1414
  • IMG_1421
  • IMG_1418
  • IMG_1428
  • IMG_1435
  • IMG_1436
  • IMG_1438
  • IMG_1451
  • IMG_1447
  • IMG_1446
  • IMG_1442
  • IMG_1454
  • IMG_1455
  • IMG_1456
  • IMG_1469
  • IMG_1459
  • IMG_1470
  • IMG_1471
  • IMG_1479
  • IMG_1480
  • IMG_1481
  • IMG_1477
  • IMG_1537
  • IMG_1483
  • IMG_1482
  • IMG_1396
  • IMG_1542
  • IMG_1538
  • IMG_1534

Merry Christmas from London doodles!

We wore our merry Christmas jumpers to our last Hyde Park doodle meet of the year!   Read more…

Jumpers on for this Sunday’s Hyde Park Meet

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, and we are wearing ours! Read more…

  • img_0307
  • img_0306
  • img_0315
  • img_0316
  • img_0318
  • img_0321
  • img_0317
  • img_0320
  • img_0322
  • img_0339
  • img_0378
  • img_0377
  • img_0381
  • img_0375
  • img_0278
  • img_0283
  • img_0285
  • img_0286
  • img_0289
  • img_0291
  • img_0292
  • img_0295
  • img_0298
  • img_0313

Happy Birthday, Rusty! (And our humans are now certifiable…)

Yesterday at our November Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we had cake to celebrate Rusty’s 5th birthday!  Read more…


A package arrived for me today. The postman said, “Miss Darcy needs to sign for it!”  LOL! Read more…

  • IMG_9239
  • IMG_9291Meet 3 month old Teddy
  • IMG_9295Meet 4 month old Cream
  • IMG_9275Marley
  • IMG_9267
  • IMG_9255
  • IMG_9254
  • IMG_9253
  • IMG_9252
  • IMG_9251
  • IMG_9249
  • IMG_9244
  • IMG_9245
  • IMG_9246
  • IMG_9247
  • IMG_9248
  • IMG_9242
  • IMG_9241
  • IMG_9240
  • IMG_9237
  • IMG_9235
  • IMG_9234
  • IMG_9233
  • IMG_9232
  • IMG_9226
  • IMG_9228
  • IMG_9229
  • IMG_9230
  • IMG_9231

Bank Holiday Meet-up

It’s a Bank Holiday meet and it wasn’t raining! Read more…

Bella asks – Will it snow this Sunday for our Hyde Park Meet?

This is Bella! We met her in the park in December. We hope she will be able to come for our Hyde Park Doodles Meet this Sunday! Read more…

  • IMG_4975
  • IMG_4972
  • IMG_4991
  • IMG_6757
  • IMG_4990
  • IMG_4989
  • IMG_4979
  • IMG_4978
  • IMG_4977
  • IMG_4976
  • IMG_4973
  • IMG_4974

Hello Doodley-doos! Hope you had a good meet-up!


L-R: Poppy (Shih-Tzu), Cara, Champagne (cavapoo), Toby and Coco, Noble (labradoodle), Miuccia, Woodstock, Luca, Rusty, Kiki, Dexter, Fonzie (cavapoo), Scarlet (cavapoo), Maud, Alfie Read more…

A doodle gathering in Hyde Park is happening tomorrow

But I will still be running with the mutts in Suffolk. I daresay George will be in the countryside with Jaffa.  And Mummy is still stuck in the hospital.

But the doodles of Hyde Park must continue to meet! Read more…

The Stoic, the Heroic and the Lunatic!

It’s our July Hyde Park Meet!  And we were at the park!!! – even though it was chucking down with rain. Read more…