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A Parrot Tree?

Running and strolling around Kensington Gardens, Read more…

Rusty reporting from last month’s Hyde Park Meet …

Introducing Rusty, our guest blogger!  We were all away at the last meet, so Rusty took charge! Read more…

We’re back to being city dogs … can you tell?

A beautiful April Spring Sunday morning and we were off early to Kensington Gardens. Read more…

All the leaves are brown …

And the sky is gray.  Read more…

  • IMG_4885And it was raining
  • IMG_4931A hug for Maisie
  • IMG_4871
  • IMG_4873Darcy, Cookie, George, Maisie
  • IMG_4876
  • IMG_4877
  • IMG_4878
  • IMG_4879
  • IMG_4880
  • IMG_4882
  • IMG_4883
  • IMG_4884
  • IMG_4888It started to rain ...
  • IMG_4889
  • IMG_4891
  • IMG_4892
  • IMG_4897
  • IMG_4902The "treat lady"
  • IMG_4903
  • IMG_4904
  • IMG_4916
  • IMG_4919Proud mummy showing off Rusty on her phone cover
  • IMG_4921Another proud mummy moment showing another cockapoo mummy her video
  • IMG_4924Clemmie and Cookie taking shelter
  • IMG_4928A George look-a-like - but she is part labradoodle!!!!!
  • IMG_4932
  • IMG_4925Bye Miuccia! See you next month

Another British summer day

Last week was one of the hottest weeks of the British Summer and yet on the day we met up, it turned into a more typical British summer day!  Read more…

Krølle, our Norwegian doodle friend

will be joining us this Sunday at our Hyde Park Doodle meet! Read more…

  • IMG_3610Happy Stevie!
  • IMG_3609
  • IMG_3542What breed of dog is this?
  • IMG_3543Clementine went to investigate
  • IMG_3541Rusty
  • IMG_3544Stevie gets the cuddles
  • IMG_3545And photographed a lot!
  • IMG_3539Little Tyke giving out treats
  • IMG_3538Jim showing Sasha how to give treats
  • IMG_3537Biscuit trying to take some shade
  • IMG_3536Little Tyke is Mr. Popular
  • IMG_3531Still trying
  • IMG_3605Rusty and Stevie anxious to get tot he park
  • IMG_3602Mummy showing Little Tyke how to do it
  • IMG_3600George, Stevie and Rusty
  • IMG_3574Spencer - the late comer
  • IMG_3570
  • IMG_3559Dash taking shade
  • IMG_3548
  • IMG_3550
  • IMG_3551
  • IMG_3556Water was very much required

It’s a summer Sunday in London

There was so much going on in London yesterday. There was a big cycle race from London to Surrey which closed off two main roads near us – which meant we had to walk all the way from home to Hyde Park – 35 minutes each way! Read more…

After our Hyde Park Doodle meet this Sunday, we’ll explore the Pavilion together!

It’s another Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday.  And whilst there, you can visit the Serpentine Summer Pavilion! Read more…

Beautiful light

The last time we went to see the Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, the day was a bit clouded over, but yesterday, we saw it in a different light. Read more…

  • IMG_1526
  • IMG_1529
  • IMG_1528
  • IMG_1494
  • IMG_1525
  • IMG_1533
  • IMG_1555Teddy
  • IMG_1554Cookie
  • IMG_1492
  • IMG_1550Rusty
  • IMG_1549Barney and Missy
  • IMG_1556Coco loves Barney
  • IMG_1548Missy
  • IMG_1534George and Cookie
  • IMG_1537Coco
  • IMG_1532Cookie
  • IMG_1531
  • IMG_1519Oreo
  • IMG_1515Spencer
  • IMG_1498Spencer
  • IMG_1514Teddy
  • IMG_1505
  • IMG_1501
  • IMG_1500Lucca and Rusty
  • IMG_1497Cookie and George
  • IMG_1496Missy
  • IMG_1530Naughty George
  • IMG_1520Charlie and Rigby
  • 233120381e3c3748f73292591273a7d4a366af88dc64f66655b1e1f5e30ccef737370a2bCoco and Missy
  • 47439994f85cfd6de967162f5d785d1103b49e1de211204003ec8287d79d7bf1e38dc9aaGeorge
  • 40763682691b82c818698b4030bcc37edf15493014c5bfce4b17517906d312730e962290Lucca
  • 75635866c994f62474e15af1057188e463373a0eb08e670b4750cdf33c1a83fac5ad996dTeddy
  • 27164333b6617e12a031417e19d9b359d3a3f76c9879d7758bb124d9df8b9699bd09536dCharlie and Darcy
  • 288120089f81b58cc9344033b70a038efdb30a8bebf785b9ef0086c96ca314ad867cededCoco

Sunday treats at Doodle Meet

We had our June Hyde Park Doodle Meet yesterday – and for once it did not rain nor threaten to rain.  On top of that, we had special treats from Wellybix! Read more…

Will you come to our Doodle meet, Arthur and Leo?

We have cockapoos, cavapoos, labradoodles and even maltipoos come to our doodle meets in Kensington Gardens but no golden doodles yet. So we were absolutely delighted when we met Arthur, a goldendoodle – who lives close to us. Read more…

Fair-weather “hoomans” invade the parks

What glorious weekend weather!  And we were off to the park for ball chasing and running … Read more…

We found out about MYSA on May Day!

Yesterday was May Day. Not Mummy’s day, just May Day.  And when we walked past this maritime flag at the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, Mummy thought this spelt “May’s!”IMG_7451 Read more…

Sunny Sunday with Hebe

It was a beautiful Sunday and we were at Kensington Gardens, enjoying the weather.IMG_7408

We encountered a teeny weeny puppy and her sister.  Of course we thought they’re cockapoos or possibly cavapoos but it turned out they were labradoodles!IMG_7384Mummy said to their owner – I guess they have a lot of growing to do! To which she answered – Tilly’s a puppy but Milly is fully grown! What?!?!? Milly is smaller than me!

All we could think of was Crumpet! IMG_6555This is Crumpet on the right next to me and Charlie!  Never mind, we doodles come in all sizes and all colours!  And the bigger we are, the more to love!

With that thought in mind, we walked on … enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

This past winter had been long and wet.  And Spring was no better and in fact, the coldest Spring in the last six years. Today was the first time this Spring that Mummy felt she could lie down on the grass and enjoy the warm sun, IMG_7388looking up at the blue skies.IMG_7403We sat close by, as we usually do … watching the world, more accurately, squirrels in particular and listening to the sounds of birds singing and the wind.

While I sat very still –IMG_7400George, sat on the other side of Mummy, also scanning the horizon for squirrels  …IMG_7404But before long, he was off to socialise with passing dogs –

George is always happy. His mood doesn’t depend on the weather – he’s happy to do back rubs regardless of the ground conditions!  Though Mummy is happier when it’s dry when he does his back rubs.

And just as we were dreaming the day away, along came Hebe with a ball in her mouth and her mummy.IMG_7414George chased her around, not liking the fact that she is playing with a ball – George doesn’t understand why we like balls.IMG_7419But Hebe wasn’t interested in playing.  She was ball-obsessed so her mummy took it away. But there was no way she was going to just let it be.

She begged to have the ball back. Then I decided I want the ball and took it away from her! Poor Hebe, she must have thought – who were these two lunatics. One didn’t like me playing with my ball and the other stole it!

May’s comment:  It was a crisp, beautiful Spring day – so lovely to be out and about.

And along came Jane and Hebe. They recognised George and Darcy from our blog as she was walking past and we ended up having a long chat till it was time to go.  Jane gave us a few more tips for dog friendly places around Kensington! Yay!IMG_7435I think we could have sat there for a very long time except I was thinking of that Sunday roast!

Jane, let’s meet up again sometime!

  • IMG_7016-2
  • IMG_7015
  • IMG_7016
  • IMG_7017
  • IMG_7018
  • IMG_7019
  • IMG_7020
  • IMG_7021
  • IMG_7022
  • IMG_7023
  • IMG_7033
  • IMG_7024
  • IMG_7025
  • IMG_7026
  • IMG_7027
  • IMG_7028
  • IMG_7029
  • IMG_7030
  • IMG_7031
  • IMG_7032
  • IMG_7034
  • IMG_7035
  • IMG_7038
  • IMG_7039
  • IMG_7040
  • IMG_7041
  • IMG_7042
  • IMG_7043
  • IMG_7044
  • IMG_7045
  • IMG_7046
  • IMG_7047
  • IMG_7048

O come, all ye doodles!

A doodle meet in Hyde Park!  IMG_7017 Read more…

Sakura, sakura

While walking in Kensington Gardens with Little Tyke and Mini Tyke, we came across a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. It’s picture time!!! Read more…

Saying goodbye with roses – For Tiger

Today, at our Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we said good-bye to our friend, Tiger-Rose. IMG_6403 Read more…

A Special Hyde Park Doodle Meet for Tiger

It’s our Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday – all of us there will run and play and chase each other.

But we also know that one of our friends won’t be back to play with us. Read more…

  • IMG_1617
  • IMG_1594
  • IMG_1583We're here!
  • IMG_1586And away we go!
  • IMG_1587Darcy, Jaffa and George
  • IMG_1591George warding off other dogs!
  • IMG_1592
  • IMG_1598
  • IMG_1600
  • IMG_1603
  • IMG_1606
  • IMG_1616
  • IMG_1618
  • IMG_1619
  • IMG_1623
  • IMG_1626
  • IMG_1628George and Darcy - a bit wet and cold form the rain
  • IMG_1629Ritzy and Olive's first meet
  • IMG_1630Ritzy, the schnoodle!
  • IMG_1635Enzo and Jensen
  • IMG_1646Luca finally arrived!
  • IMG_1648Clementine was the last to arrive
  • IMG_1649
  • IMG_1656
  • IMG_1657
  • IMG_1659
  • IMG_1660
  • IMG_1661
  • IMG_1662
  • IMG_1664
  • IMG_1665
  • IMG_1667
  • IMG_1668
  • IMG_1670
  • IMG_1671
  • IMG_1673
  • IMG_1669Not one os us, but the humans had a good laugh!

First (wet) Hyde Park Doodle Meet of the year!

We have arrived at our first Hyde Park Doodle Meet of 2016!IMG_1583 Read more…

Three Januarys ago in London …

… four young cockapoos met up for a playdate in Hyde Park.  It was the first of our cockapoo meets.

This January will be the beginning of our fourth year of us getting together! Read more…

  • IMG_6960
  • IMG_6984
  • IMG_9164
  • IMG_9120
  • IMG_9132
  • IMG_9133
  • IMG_9135
  • IMG_9138
  • IMG_9150
  • IMG_9168
  • IMG_9173
  • IMG_9175
  • IMG_9188
  • IMG_9190
  • IMG_9191
  • IMG_9193
  • IMG_9196
  • IMG_9223
  • IMG_9224
  • IMG_9231
  • IMG_9144
  • IMG_9145
  • IMG_9234
  • IMG_9235
  • IMG_9236
  • IMG_9242
  • IMG_9241
  • IMG_9240
  • IMG_9239
  • IMG_9238
  • IMG_9226
  • IMG_9227
  • IMG_9228
  • IMG_9213
  • IMG_9215
  • IMG_9212
  • IMG_9211
  • IMG_9249

Walking off the Christmas Pudding!

We’re running towards the Serpentine Gallery for our last 2015 Hyde Park Doodles Meet! Read more…

What are you doing on Sunday?

When you have eaten all your mince pies and Christmas puddings.IMG_8514

When you have had your second helpings on turkey and stuffing. Read more…

O come, all ye Doodles – it’s Holiday jumper meet in Hyde Park!

Come one, come all ye doodles of London Town and nearby terrain. We shall meet once again in Hyde Park. As it will be the one before Christmas, we should all wear our Holiday jumpers! Read more…

A Contemplative Day

What a difference a day makes.  Read more…

A very colourful Aladdin’s Cave?

WHOA!  We arrived at Kensington Gardens for a walk with Marley when we saw this huge colourful structure in front of the Serpentine Gallery. Read more…

  • IMG_3271
  • IMG_3284
  • IMG_3269
  • IMG_3272
  • IMG_3273
  • IMG_3274
  • IMG_3270
  • IMG_3275
  • IMG_3276
  • IMG_3277
  • IMG_3278
  • IMG_3281
  • IMG_3282
  • IMG_3283

Another doodley day in Hyde Park

It was a beautiful day and the doodles came out to play in Hyde Park! Read more…

A doodle gathering in Hyde Park is happening tomorrow

But I will still be running with the mutts in Suffolk. I daresay George will be in the countryside with Jaffa.  And Mummy is still stuck in the hospital.

But the doodles of Hyde Park must continue to meet! Read more…

Seeking Shelter

I have found (a colourful) shelter from the rain whilst in the park. But alas! It was not to be. Read more…

  • IMG_1715Hooray! Post group photo!
  • IMG_1626
  • IMG_1616Coco meets Crumpet
  • IMG_1632Coco, Millie and George
  • IMG_1633Coco checking out an "intruder"
  • IMG_1635Alfie distracted by a stick
  • IMG_1636Equally distracted
  • IMG_1637Barney having a roll
  • IMG_1642Hello Lucca!!!
  • IMG_1653Woody taking on Lucca
  • IMG_1654Human Lucca continues his practice with training us
  • IMG_1658Little Tyke is missing out on training
  • IMG_1661Woody now takes on Dan
  • IMG_1662We're all shades and sizes
  • IMG_1668Lots of us!
  • IMG_1673Crumpet the Labradoodle
  • IMG_1675Johnny
  • IMG_1679Is that Barney, George?
  • IMG_1686
  • IMG_1688
  • IMG_1690A congregation of apricots
  • IMG_1693Are we the greedy ones?
  • IMG_1694
  • IMG_1699
  • IMG_1700Coco is so excited her ears are flying
  • IMG_1639And the black ones gather around another black "intruder"
  • IMG_1648The little ones - Woody, George, Nelly and Barney
  • IMG_1652And the multi-coloureds - Miuccia, Coco and Woody
  • IMG_1728Brother and sister
  • IMG_1731Toby and Coco
  • IMG_1722Enzo and Jensen
  • IMG_1736
  • IMG_1738Bromance between George and Dan
  • IMG_1741
  • IMG_1745Coco's tail with highlights
  • IMG_1672Er, what?
  • unnamed-122
  • unnamed-120
  • unnamed-116
  • unnamed-118
  • unnamed-121
  • FullSizeRender-4As the group gathered ...
  • FullSizeRender-5... for a photo
  • FullSizeRender-6... all 20 of us plus humans!

And the doodles came to play – in London!

Hooray! The August sun peeped through the clouds and the rain held off – we had a lovely meet yesterday in Hyde Park … Read more…

What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Please tell us it won’t be raining on our doodle meet – again!!! We haven’t had much luck with weather this whole summer. Read more…