Tea and tennis

It is after all Wimbledon week – a terribly English affair.

We were delighted that our neighbour, Rosemary invited us for Afternoon Tea at Hurlingham Club! 🙂Little Tyke loves Afternoon Tea as much as Mummy does – so he was pretty excited.

Yup! He does it the Cornish way! And I like it any ol’ way as long as it falls my way.
But all too soon he was a little bored – so he went exploring the grounds. And before you know it, he was having a blast with his new friend, Max!

I sat and watched this strange phenomenon … Not just me but other pooches were looking on as well.  The things hoomans do! I don’t think we would do what they’re doing but we would happily run around the grounds.

But alas, not. Definitely not on the croquet courts. Little Tyke was curious about those men hitting the balls.And not even along these paved walks. On the leash the ENTIRE time.Oh, well. At least they allowed me into the club.

May’s comment: Such an English establishment is the Hurlingham Club. Beautiful grounds. Closed membership waiting list. And even if I can put my name down, I don’t think I would live long enough to make it as a member! LOL!So glad we have friends who are members! 🙂

Dogs are allowed on the premises but not in the main club house. Lots of dogs were there that day.


  1. Julie Entwistle

    Looks immaculate

  2. Cheryl

    The gardens are beautiful!

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