Water for the Thirsty

There are lots of considerate people who put water out for us to drink especially after a long walk.

This one is my favourite. On our route back from Hyde Park, sometimes we take the “back” streets and at this lovely florist, there’s always a bowl of clean water for us.


Or if we walk along Gloucester Road, there’s this funny dog with a Welcome sign and a bowl of water though we’re not allowed inside.

photo 1-22

Further along at Pet Pavilion is another source to quench my thirst.

At the Pet Pavilion in Chelsea Farmers Market there’s a big blue “bucket”! I always get my ears wet when I drink from this.


This is at Gaucho Grill in Hampstead … to greet us! Red carpet and all!


And just before we leave Hyde Park, at the cafe near the Palace Gate kiosk is a very welcome bowl …


Even though we’re right by the doggie fountain, the water there is usually never drinkable so it’s very much appreciated.


THANK YOU to everyone who thinks about us.

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