The best for the last!

This box was delivered at 10pm last night – saving the best for last?

IMG_9076We didn’t think so.

But Mummy was so excited with her new Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. “Animal” is the keyword here besides it being a Dyson and cordless. We just don’t like the noise that it makes so when she tried it, we ran away to hide. She could only get these critters, our “lookalikes” to pose with her new toy!IMG_9089But what’s that rabbit doing there? Did Bella, the rabbit come home with us?

May’s comment: Bought myself this highly-rated Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner – V6 animal. Over the recent Christmas dinners with girlfriends, it was the topic of conversation. The vote was unanimous – this is a must have, especially the V6 Animal – it’s suppose to do everything you want it to do when you have fur babies at home.

So when Boxing Day rolled along – bought it on sale!

Will be interesting to see what dust my doggies have lodged into my sofa and carpets! They are always “clean” or so it seems, but we will soon find out!

It’s charged and ready to go. IMG_9247 First use – goodness!!!IMG_9248This is just from the hall runner! Well, I guess it’s to be expected. We went onto other items and they are really as clean as they look. But loving this new “toy” – will make vacuuming a lot mrs gratifying to be able to see that my effort is rewarded.

Only inconvenient thing about it – it only lasts 15 minutes before it needs to be recharged because it is cordless. So just as you’re starting to see results, you have to stop for the next go at attacking dust!!!

I think I am already addicted – Dust, thou shall exist no more, for I have Dyson V6 Animal in hand!!!



  1. Julie

    Betty hates mine and tries to attack it each time I use it. She even barks as soon as I open the cupboard where I keep it! I’m obsessed with mine. X

  2. Elaine Brooks

    I love my Dyson Animal. I have a lot of stairs and the separate head attachment makes easy work of them. Teddy is not too keen!!!

  3. Elaine Brooks

    ….forgot to mention that my son and his finance have two long haired cats and he bought her a Dyson Animal for Christmas. So romantic but, having seen mine, she really wanted one. We shall be the Clean Family!!!

  4. Laurie

    That is how I felt about my Dyson but the 15 minutes that you use it and then have to recharge in my mind made not worth using. Paid a fortune for it so I purchased a corded Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro and absolutely love it. Very light weight and easy to use. I never even use the Dyson anymore unfortunately.

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