The final two! Or three?

The Elephant Parade is still in town for another week – (21st June – 18th July).

We had gone out looking for the elephants and found almost all 29 of them.  Unfortunately for us, two of them were removed earlier that day from The Beaumont Hotel! (Who Moved Two Elephants?)

We had contacted Elephant Parade to ask where they had gone. They’re there, they said.

Not sure if we wanted to make the trip, we hesitated. Then some kind person informed us yesterday on Instagram.

They’re there!

You’re sure?

Yes, saw them on Monday.  So off we went, Barnaby came along to see for sure.

And voila! They have returned!

So here are the final two – Bar Palladio Ele by Marie Anne OudejansAnd this is Tara for Mark by Elephant FamilyBut we were also told there’s one more – at Selfridges – Stop! by Little Shilpa.  She wasn’t on the list when we went looking for them … do we need to go find her as well?

May’s comment: Thank you @ashurvieats of IG for informing us of Tara and Bar Palladio. Just as we thought we have completed all 29, we found out there’s a 30th!!! Well, we’ll have to see if we have the time and energy to find her.

Elephant Parade is the world’s biggest touring elephant art exposition that raises awareness of and support for the endangered elephants of Asia. This summer, these twenty-nine life-size baby elephant sculptures exquisitely decorated by some of India’a artists, designers and creative talents can be seen throughout Mayfair and Chelsea. They are for sale at an auction. Monies raised will support projects that protect wild elephants and their habitats.

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  1. Kathy Shoulders

    They are beautiful. I’m sure in person they are even more so. Of course your two models make them even more special.

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