The Homecoming


Hurry, hurry Andrew!  We actually know where we’re going so let us lead you …


We have missed you
I’ve missed you both tooHello, Georgie-boy!”Mummy, can we go inside?We want to show you our Report Card!May’s comment: Excellent report! Love the fact that George has become more thoughtful – good to hear it from someone who had met him early on and being able to see the change in him.

And Darcy, dear Darcy, she has always just tolerated George. She never asked to have another in our home and she had always reluctantly accepted George. So in the presence of others, she would so much rather play with them. But George is resourceful and he had always figured things out for himself. He is after all Mr. Personality!

As much as he is a lot more thoughtful, he still has a wild streak in him – and still unreliable – so he was not let off the leash when out walking in the woods. And amazingly, he hasn’t been sick.  Maybe he’s allergic to my bed after all!!! LOL!

We’ll have to see how it goes now, but all that said, I have increased his food intake. He eats as much as Darcy.

Thank you once again, House of Mutt. I am sure they can’t wait to go backfire their next holiday!


  1. Margaret Danks

    Darcy always looks so happy to run about with the others. Maggiedog would be quite nervous of all the others near her.

  2. Sandy

    Aww what lovely homecoming photos and I’m glad that Darcy and George had a good holiday.

  3. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Gorgeous – lovely to be home again! xx

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