The longest hairdo …

lasted till the longest day of the year!

I was fluffy sheep dogCan I see through that fringe, you ask.Haven’t been so shaggy and fluffy in a very long while.

And George too. He’s fluffed up.

And while we were at the groomers, Churchill took a nap.
We’re back! We tried a new groomer today …
Excuse the greasy beard – just had supper!


May’s comment: Finally they’ve had a groom! Fluffy sheep dog …No more!


  1. Eppie Dyann Giles


  2. Davina Lawrence

    Stay cool Darcey and George.

  3. Sally

    Beautiful cut on both x

  4. Cheryl

    Darcy looks velvety soft!! George is adorable as always!

  5. Julie Poynting

    You ddnt answer my message about Churchill. Have you rehomed him ?

  6. Elaine Craigen

    Just gorgeous!

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