The Paw Party Manifesto

We are members of the Paw Party. And if anyone care to know, we have a Manifesto that could be helpful to any of the hooman political parties.

Our Manifesto is not heavy on budgets, but we could help in say, the ever increasing budgetary problems of the NHS.  For example, we might be able to help with detecting illnesses quicker and more accurately and we cost a lot less than hoomans at the job.

And if we are deployed to help out with the overworked staff, we could help bring them relief from stressful situations and save a lot of money on sick leave.  We can even help out in the hospitals, visiting the patients and cheering them up – that is of course, if they are not afraid of us.

We can even help out in the educational system by helping children to relax and read better – little things but it all adds up even though we’re not into budgets.

We can promise that we will bring out the better side of hoomans, that they put behind them the strife and the differences, that we can help out in any hung parliament.

And if the Paw Party has any say in the British Parliament, we will make it our goal to end all animal abuse.  We will fight for dog welfare. We will establish that stealing pooches from their rightful and loving owners will be a crime punishable of a greater degree.

Microchipping is already a mandate but we will extend that to more meaningful ways.

And you see those planes flying overhead, well, we shall see to it that the hooman government will eliminate the “no-entry pet policy” for not allowing dogs (and pets) to fly into UK airports in cabin.

We will take any airlines to court for discriminating all hoomans who want to fly with their pooches.  In fact, it should be against the law to discriminate all pooches in any restaurants and public places as long as our hoomans are responsible.  No more discrimination of our status. And no false advertising when using images of us in stores when we are not allowed in!And we will take Eurostar to task as to why they would not allow dogs and all pets on their trains!

Our foreign policies will include stopping dog meat trade in places like Thailand, Vietnam, China, Korea.

We will, maybe this one time talk about budgets, by giving to the causes to eliminate rabies. That will at least take away one factor that could be detrimental to hooman and pooch relations.

There’s a lot more, but Mummy is hooman and she says she needs to go to bed. Yeah, all these politics sure gets us pooped too. We really should just leave it to the hoomans.

So we went enmasse to the polling station!Churchill, Jaffa, George and I, we urged passers by to go in to vote!  But Crumpet said, let’s go to the park!

May’s comment: No more politics! No more going to the votes. Just get on with it!!! There are things to do – stop picking personal fights.


  1. Liz Burman

    Well said I love your policies! Churchill is looking much happier since he’s been a member of your Party Miss D. Any news on a possible furever home for him.

  2. Laura Cordovano

    Churchill looks like he might be a crooner in that shot where they are all looking up. My Jasper is and it’s the best. George’s body language says it all. He is not pleased with Churchill lol.

  3. Sally

    Love this manifesto… I definitely would have voted and agree with all the points. Love those doggies xx

  4. Sammy

    I’m signing up….!

  5. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    They all get our vote one of the best manifestos my hoomans have read..Love and licks from Gracie x

  6. Ali

    I love this!! Clever doggies, I’m voting for you next time for sure! xx

  7. Margaret Danks

    You all get my vote. What hadsome and pretty MP’s you all make

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