The Pet Spa

After a good muddy run in the park, we headed off to the new premises of The Pet Spa – on Fulham Road.

IMG_1189The one good thing about Harrods closing down The Pet Kingdom is The Pet Spa moving closer to us. Ha! Now we just take a walk down Fulham Road and we’re there – one stop on the bus, no taxis, no cars, no parking required. Mummy said maybe I’ll learn the route and get myself there! 🙂 Very funny, Mummy!


 Can I have a job here?


So here we are and guess what – Paul and Neill came along! I thought I would never see them again! Here’s Paul flying the new flag!


And this was my last photo at The Pet Kingdom

IMG_5053-768x1024-580x773May’s comment: Familiar faces, excellent service and so much closer!


  1. Danielle

    I LOVE the dog statue holding the flag. Where did you find that?!

    • Miss Darcy

      It was once at Harrods Pet Kingdom. The Pet Spa took it with them when The Pet Kingdom closed – so now they have it in their store.

  2. Candy

    Hi dear , i have a dog groomming salon in Hong Kong , i want to ask where can i buy the display dog with flag ? its very cute

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