The Rhinos are here!

The latest animals to be camping out in London!

First we went looking for (Paddington) Bears, then the Parade of Elephants and now the Rhinos are here!

From today till 22nd September (World Rhino Day), when you’re in London, look out for them. There are 21 Rhinos – each of them have been specially designed, decorated and embellished by internationally renowned artists.

They are scattered all over London.  Click on the Tusk Rhino Trail Map to find them.

We’ve met four so far:

At Duke of York Square.By David Yarrow | Duke of York SquareHis Rhino is a stage for other endangered species. “Rhinos have no issues with any mammal other than humans! How shameful is that!” (

At King Charles Street / Horse Guards Rd Jn. – the bottom of Clive Steps and entrance to Churchill War Rooms –Rhino Noir by Charming Baker This Rhino is different from the others. The artist sawn it apart and put it back together completely altering its stature. Falling to one knee, head down, Baker’s rhino – a nod to the fatalistic film genre, Rhino Noir is a physical form of the state of the critically endangered black rhino species. Hovering just above 5000 worldwide, the black rhino population is on its knees. (

Near St Paul’s / Millennium Bridge – at Distaff LaneThe Poppy Rhino by Zhang Huan Look closely and you’ll see colourful skulls – a motif the artists had used often in his other works. (

By Guildhall West Wing, near the information board and pond:By Glen Baxter | GuildhallA zebra-looking Rhino! (

Well, that’s four. It will take us awhile to find the other 17!!!

May’s comment: The Tusk Rhino Trail is a London wide art installation that celebrates the magnificence of the rhino and to draw attention to the severe threat of poaching to their survival. 

They are on display at iconic London sites until World Rhino Day on 22nd September. They will then be auctioned by the leading London auction house, Christie’s on 9th October 2018. The funds raised will provide vital support for conservation projects protecting rhino and other iconic African species. –



  1. Kathy

    Those are amazing! London seems to do some much for the animals. I just love it. America needs to get a clue and follow the example

  2. Laura

    Love these! Where is George?

  3. I’m gutted I missed these when I was in London in August. Unfortunately I didn’t know about them. I’m a huge sculpture trail fan and have followed lots around the UK. My next are the snails in Brighton…
    P.S. I wish I could get my pooch Roger to pose as well…the training is not going so well on that one! Lol …

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