A bit of London in the Dales: The Stow House

We arrived at The Stow House where we were staying for the two days we were up in the Yorkshire Dales.IMG_3382We were immediately curious about this place and began to investigateIMG_3133The Living Room has funky colours – reminded us of our study back home.IMG_3129 And the lounge area with the bar where I had my birthday cake had very colourful seating. IMG_3158Loving all the art on the walls.IMG_3132 We went upstairs to our room and found a welcome note addressed to all three of us!IMG_3324Mummy chose to stay in this room because she loves four poster beds!
stow-house-room-lowres1After we had unpacked our food and everything else, we went out to the garden for a little run around.IMG_3144IMG_3405IMG_7406IMG_3145IMG_3146We can see you Georgie Porgie!IMG_3376We were introduced to Fletcher, the dog-in-resident. He’s a real country dog!IMG_3275George wasn’t so sure about Fletcher and decided to bark and chased him. I tried to tell him to stop being bossy boots as he had no idea that this is in fact Fletcher’s house and we’re the guests.  Besides Fletcher is three times his size! Silly Georgie!IMG_3273We’re also allowed in the breakfast room – and all the guests seem to have their own dogs, and we reminded them of their own dogs.  They were not in the least bothered about our begging – and did the forbidden – IMG_3299They gave us food! YES!  They did ask Mummy and Jacqui.IMG_3298Mummy wasn’t impressed by our behaviour but they all kept saying how they miss their dogs and loved having us there.

In the evenings before supper, Mummy and Jacqui would sit in the lounge for cocktailsIMG_7408The next day two other doggies came to stay. They were “Chi-Chis” – crossed between Chinese Crested and Chihuahua.IMG_3327George rather liked playing with Amber.

We had a lovely stay at The Stow House. Everyone was very relaxed – and so were we.IMG_3156

May’s comment: A bit of London in the Yorkshire Dales.

My friend Jacqui and I with our doggies, took a train to Northallerton to stay at a lovely B&B in Aysgarth – recommended by another Londoner, Alix who told me – “You would love it! AND they are dog-friendly.”  Well, that is a good combination of my wanting to go to the Yorkshire Dales and on the lookout for dog-friendly accommodation that are special. Not only is The Stow House all that – it is in the Dales – so you literally walk out the door and you’re onto a “footpath” – a very loose term, we have learnt.

The Stow House is more than just “friendly” – they are welcoming.  Dogs are allowed in all the public areas. There are only two rooms where dogs are not allowed to stay in.

Here again, I learnt something new. They may not have doggy amenities like dog beds or dog bowls, but that does not make them any less dog-friendly. In fact they are more dog-friendly than some hotels that offer all those and more.  Since my dogs sleep on the bed with me – after they have been washed, I don’t usually need beds. I have travel dog bowls but it would have been helpful to have those on offer. And maybe dog-towels as you can imagine how muddy their paws get running even in their garden.

The Stow House near Aysgarth is run by Sarah and Phil, both have worked in advertising in London agencies – and the connection is they also know Sammy, Sasha’s (aka Little Tyke) father.  In fact they were at the same agency.IMG_3386The Stow House had been charmingly restored and filled with lots of photography and art, the seven rooms are named after the art that hangs on the walls.

I chose to stay in Kes because I love four poster beds!  As I laid in bed, I looked out to the open skies, and woke up to sunriseIMG_3371 and like all the rooms, it has a view of the Dales.  IMG_3370 IMG_3345On the second night, I was woken up by the moon! The moon was high in the skies shining brightly through the middle window right in front of the bed. IMG_3594I laid there watching it light up the clouds.  And thought how lovely it was that it woke me up to have that moment of solitude – just me and the moon.  Wonder what it had to say to me.  It eventually moved out of sight from where I laid. Those few minutes added to the myth and beauty I imagine that of the Dales.

We had a lovely time and a lot of it can be attributed to where we stayed. We were made to feel completely at home.  Knowing that we were coming with our pooches, Sarah gave us a few tips on places to take our dogs to.

The first night, we dined with our pooches in the bar at The Aysgarth Falls Hotel which is just a three minute walk down the road. IMG_3120 Jacqui was worried that my dog did not have enough supper so she ordered some peas and ham for them – served in a plastic container!

The next evening we went to The Sandpiper Inn in Leyburn – 7 miles from AysgarthIMG_3330 – again there was a separate room where we could dine with our dogs.  There were other dog friendly places in Leyburn .IMG_3332And George made his mark there.

We would have had lunch at the The Wensleydale Heifer bar if we had not been so late getting to West Witton!

She has a few more on the list but we need more time to try them all!

Here, unlike the restaurants we go to in London, we are often relegated to the bar area which is fine. I understand the circumstances.  We walked through fields and when we got to West Witton, our dogs were filthy. I would never let them wander in my home like that nor would I take them to any restaurants when they are filthy.

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  1. connie hester

    I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of the Yorkshire Dales, that is a place I have always dreamed of visiting.

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