The truth has been spoken

Out of the mouth of babes aka Mini Tyke comes these words, “I don’t like Darcy.”

I’m not into kids really. When they jump excitedly, it reminds me of those kids that ran down the road charging at me to pat my head. Once I knew their antics I always pre-empted their efforts and jumped at them before they scared me. So when Mini Tyke should do anything naughty to me, I would tell her off. I jumped at her. And she knows better now – that’s why she doesn’t like me.

On the other hand, it’s different with Georgie. He takes on a protector role and ever so loyal. On the first night when Mini Tyke was missing her parents, crying inconsolably in the middle of the night, only George could pacify her worries. Since then he seemed to have taken on the role of her protector.

We slept in two different rooms. I stayed with Mummy and Little Tyke and Georgie slept with Camilla and Mini Tyke. The doors were left open and he had a choice to do whatever he wanted. He chose to stay till Mini Tyke is asleep until later in the night when Mummy took us out for a walk. After that, on some nights George would stay with us and on other nights he stayed with Mini Tyke. But if he wasn’t with her and Mini Tyke woke up crying, he would immediately jump off our bed and ran over to her room to make sure she was ok.

But Mini Tyke was not always very kind to George. When she was angry about something, she would express her anger by hitting him. She would punch him and sometimes out of frustration, she kicked him, even throw things at him – whenever Mummy wasn’t around or she would have given Mini Tyke a good scolding. Georgie would run and hide behind Camilla who would defend him from her. Despite all that, he stayed loyal and true to his role of protecting her. It seemed he knew her anger was not at him but she could only hit out at “someone” smaller than herself.

It’s all very complicated, these hooman minds, especially when they are little and couldn’t really express themselves. But we think George had been extremely loyal to Mini Tyke. You know how I said I do not have a lot of patience for children, especially when they are loud and stamp their feet, or when they try to hit me. I would jump at them. When Mini Tyke was up to her no-good, I would just about run after her when Georgie would intervene. He stopped me from going after her! Yup! He told me off each time.

I get she doesn’t like me very much. But I have Little Tyke. I also know that deep down he feels more comfortable with Georgie.Because George even comforts Little Tyke when he’s upset. I guess I only really relate to children – when they are calm and quiet.Or when they have food!It has been eight days of us and the kids. The parents were worried about the kids – if they would starve – that’s what they think of Mummy’s cooking. LOL! Everyone else was concerned for Mummy – if she could cope with two dogs and two kids. She had a secret weapon called “Camilla”.  But no one asked if we would survive the torture, the neglect, the lack of space on the bed.So just in case you were wondering – we survived! So happy to be home and on our own bed – peace and quiet.

But we do miss the tummy rubs that the two Tykes gave us every morning!  So it started off with George …Then I inched my way overHello! I’d like a tummy rub too.

And my BFF Little Tyke gave me the rubs too! And then it’s heaven!

P.s. Mummy misses Little Tyke.

May’s comment: A bond seemed to have developed between George and the kids, especially for Skye. It almost seemed that from the moment he was given a responsibility of comforting her, he had been taking it all very seriously to be their defender and protector – from her worries and also Darcy! LOL!

Most children love animals but sometimes they also see them as “toys” and in their excitement or in some cases, anger, they can take it out on the pets.

I never protected Darcy from over enthusiastic children when she was a cute puppy and therefore till today, though a little less, she is wary of loud children. I keep a close eye on her whenever they are around. Not with Sasha. He could do no wrong. Especially when she’s on the bed with him, he could flail as much as he wanted, she would let him or moved out of the way.

George has always been very sociable and he loves all attention. The only time he nipped one of them was when Skye thought she could bend his legs and Sasha got the nip. Immediately, Sasha defended George in protecting himself. But this time, he seems to understand that they are young and somewhat innocent.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Well done May. It’s exhausting looking after kids, especially if you don’t have any of your own. The sense of relief when you hand them back is amazing lol

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