Have you heard …

There’s a party in Windsor?

Met up with Barnaby to take the tubeTo Paddington stationWe were so excited, we got to the train station rather early which meant there was time to visit Paddington Bear!Hmm, I have my eye on that marmalade sandwich.And voila! Marcel made it on time and together we travelled to Windsor Central – which has been nicknamed Harry & Meghan Central.The streets were crowded as we hurried from the station to our hotel. We were quite relieved to find there’s a quiet room where we could escape to.And the hoomans were happy to – for other reasons. 🙂But we didn’t stay in the hotel room for long. It was time to join the party! We wandered out towards the Long Walk.Everyone was so welcoming!So this is the reason why we’re having a party!We found some patch of green to play – before the hoomans camping out took over the space.

We sat down for a rest – it was after all a very Long Walk. I knew where the treats were, and sat very close to it – Waiting for the chance to get to it.

Oh, well! Good try.  But there was something else we had to try to get to.  We heard that Meghan and her mother was having Afternoon Tea with the Queen …

HELLO!!! We’re at the gate! It’s Darnaby – and we even brought Marcel the corgi along. Sorry, it’s Le Corgi. Oh darn, Marcel!That’s why they didn’t let us in. You’re French!!! Why couldn’t you have been Michael or Albert. Maybe even George?

With no success, we headed back to our hotel for a Royal Afternoon Tea – 
With some other friends – Barney and Nellie.Five and a half hoomans and five poochesJust as we were finishing Afternoon Tea, a group of women ran past us in the lobby shouting, “It’s Harry’s last day as a single!”

It occurred to our hoomans that Prince Harry and Prince William were walking about – and before we knew it, they scooped us up and ran out the hotel into the crowd!But the two Princes didn’t turn the corner towards us – and soon they walked back into the castle. Instead we saw Ore Oduba!!! Not quite the Prince we were hoping to see, but a dancing champ!

That was all in all a very full day … and more to come tomorrow!

May’s comment: Lovely atmosphere – everyone was so happy. Well, almost everyone except for the bride and groom who got married that morning who felt that the whole world had gate crashed their party. LOL!

It was a fun day – so glad Julie and Aurelie came with us – wouldn’t have been as much fun walking around on our own.  Every time we had the dogs posing …We had other cameras Taking their photos. 🙂I couldn’t have brought George along – given the crowds and the number of other dogs around.

At day’s end, we finally sat down by the river and had a glass of vino as the sun was setting.


  1. Margaret Danks

    What a wonderful day you all had 🐾❤️

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    You have such an exciting life May. You ,Darcy and George

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