Things are different now …

It wasn’t the usual summer holidays for Little Tyke and Mini Tyke – but was so excited to see them …But I get the sense that my BFF aka Little Tyke is growing up. In the past, he couldn’t wait to see me …Now I sit on my own while he plays by himself in the bedroom.

But Mini Tyke is still “mini” and she likes George a lot!I heard her say, “I love George the best because he is the cutest. And he likes me the most too!

Hate to break it to her that George likes everyone.  But as for me, I think I may have to accept that there are many other things now that interest Little Tyke.

He finally came downstairs to join us …It could be jet lag too, I suppose.

May’s comment: Yup! They’re growing up. Skye is now where Sasha was. He used to want to walk the dogs with me, now he is fascinated by other things. He is seven and a half.

Skye on the other hand has become more responsive now that she is almost five.

I am expecting the time will soon come when he no longer wants to hold hands.  But for now, he still does – not as readily as before. When we cross the roads, I reach out for his and he still reaches out without thinking too much about it, but less when we are walking along the streets. And when he does, it feels great. I know the day will come when I put my hand out and he will leave it hanging.

He would rather be with his chums than Aunty May. I guess my role will change as he grows. I hope I can continue to keep his interest, and he will always find a place in his heart for old Aunty May.


  1. Alex

    Of course he will!!!

  2. Cheryl

    I’m sure the memories they make with Auntie May will always warm their hearts. I bet when they get back to school they talk their friends ears off about all the wonderful, cool things they did in London with Auntie May, Darcy and George!

  3. Kathy Shoulders

    They are both such beautiful children. Of course he will always have time and room for Aunty May.
    And Darcy he will grow out of stage he is in now and you will be very interested in you again.

  4. Margaret Danks

    They grow up so fast but they will always love their Aunty May

  5. Alison Mullett

    If only things could stay the same [sigh] you may feel for a while that there’s distance between you but trust me it will turn full circle. Just keep being the ‘constant’ in his life that you’ve always been.

  6. Karen

    It is both wonderful & totally saddening every step they grow, but time becomes more valuable & finding things that you can do together – that interests everyone will still work, it just stops being enough to just be there. Buy him some binoculars or a camera & have him make scrapbooks after your walks – have him research how dogs eyes & ears are different to ours so he can see how fascinating dogs are, try bbc bitesize.

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