Three extractions later, still Georgeous!

It just doesn’t seem fair. Darcy and I eat the same food but my teeth always seems to be a problem and my breath, well, it’s getting better.

Last year when I went in for dental care, they removed two baby teeth that never came out and I ended up with a little gap on my lower jaw. On Monday they had to remove three more – two incisors and one tooth all the way in the back which was lodged with tartar.

We went back today for a post-op follow-up.Are you listening to my heart rate? It cannot be ok because I don’t like going to the Vet.

Now you want to see what you’ve done to me?Seriously, Mummy – what is he going to do now?Argh! Yes, that’s the one in the back that you took out.And the two in the front – soon I will be toothless if you keep finding fault with them.As you know, I have Yorkshire terrier in my mix, and I guess it is no coincidence that I have “Yorkie breath” – a term coined due to the breed’s infamous halitosis.

Apparently, the vet told us (maybe to make Mummy feel better) that smaller breeds are prone to tooth decay and gum diseases.  Yorkshire terriers being one of them but also includes poodle mixes (watch out Darcy!), Malteses (I am getting a double whammy here!), Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Cavaliers, Italian Greyhounds to name a few are all vulnerable to the effects of plaque and tartar buildup resulting in chronic bad breath and gum diseases.

To find out more about Dog Breeds with Bad breath –

Mummy might need to try brushing my teeth more regularly or I might lose all of them!  But I don’t like anyone looking at my teeth and Mummy will have a hard time trying to brush mine.

May’s comment: George used to have really bad breath. I sent him for his first dental clean and he came back better. The second time, they found that two of his puppy teeth never came out – so he ended up with a gap between his teeth on the lower jaw. This time they found that two of his incisors were loose and infected. Those two plus one in the back were removed. Oh dearie me.  I’m totally aware that it is not just about bad breath but dental diseases can lead to other health issues. We’ve started trying dental products but need more time to see if they work. I can’t just let this breed trait be an excuse. Think it’s time to force brushing. Can’t have a toothless Georgeous!

Photo by Eva’s Photography.


  1. Rita and Gracie

    Maybe just maybe it has something to do with his street dog days too….so don’t feel bad his diet back then will have had an impact on his teeth and bones whilst growing up.🤔😏 xx

  2. Laura

    So happy to see George. I have been missing him on your posts! Poor baby. My Emma has really bad breath too! She is a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie). You are such a good dog mom. I need to get her checked out. Kisses to George. 💋💋💋


    Poor little Georgous. He’s still the most handsome boy 🐾❤️ Does he get raw bone to chew on? That keeps plaque down

  4. Diana Hoskins

    Raw duck neck or chicken wings every couple of days, Canident mixed in with their food and Fragaria 3c homoeopathic tabs in their water bowl all help my two.

  5. Lisa King

    He’s such a great little fellow! I love the George stories the most. What a wonderful life he has and you have stuck it out with him despite some challenges in the beginning. Such a happy story!

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