To Woof or not to Wooferendum

That cursed word “Brexit” has entered our pups world in the UK.

There’s going to be a woof march.The Wooferendum campaign will lead up to one of the biggest four-legged gatherings ever seen in the UK.

On Sunday 7th October 2018, thousands of dogs and their two-legged companions will march through central London to Parliament to call for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

Dogs were never consulted about Brexit,” says seven-year-old terrier Archie, one of the ‘spokes-dogs’ for the campaign. “Millions of us are sad and worried. Brexit is turning into a dog’s dinner and people deserve a say. We are worried for our future, and that of our two-legged friends. That’s why we are barking out. If your best friend was in trouble, what would you do?

May’s comment: I voted to remain but as things have it because it is a democracy, we go with the flow. OK, some Bozos misled the country with made-up facts. Whatever. I am tired of listening to anything Brexit. Let it just happen and I am sure as a nation we will come out alright in a few years.

But I am also aware of a rising wave in demanding for another people’s vote. In some way it makes sense – because today, the people of Great Britain is a lot more aware of the consequences of a Brexit. But on the other hand, there’s a whole world beyond the European continent. Who knows.

Brussels desperately wants to make an example of the UK – they know if we got away with it, others will do the same.

Politics makes people passionate. These days politics makes me sad. So I am in two minds about this – to woof or not to wooferendum. The argument goes in every direction.

I am neither here nor there with this but we are democratic. Just passing on the info –
If you are interested in joining in, its taking place on Sunday, 7th October.  It is due to start at 12 noon at Waterloo Place nearest tube Piccadilly Circus/Charing Cross/St James Park.

Details are up on the event on the Facebook page. To receive updates people should click the ‘going’ button.
Facebook event page: 

A crowdfunder has been created to raise money for the march and to promote the initiative. At the march, a Wooferendum PETition signed by dogs, leading public figures and celebrities will be delivered to Downing Street by a delegation of canine campaigners.


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